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Human resources of an organisation can be defined as the man and woman who work for that particular organisation as the most important corporate resources. They are vital to the generation of all goods and services just as money and raw materials are resources, so also people are human resources  of an organisation. 

Human Resources Management (HRM) controls the recruitment and selections, development, compensation, retrenchment evaluation and promotion of personnel within an organisation. The Human Resources can also be described as people who performance its activities, in a sense all decisions which affect the workforce concern the organisation. Human Resources Management (HRM) function regardless of the size of a formal HRM or Personal Department, the activities involves in Human Resources Management is pervasive throughout the organisation

According to Glueck, Human Resources Management can also be called Personnel Management is functions of all enterprises which provide for effective use of human resources to achieve both the objectives of the enterprise and the organisation. He went further by emphasizing the psychological basis of personnel management which deals with utilization, motivation and protection of workers.

Human resources management is a means of getting better result from the organisation, teams and individuals by understanding and managing performance within an agreed framework of planned goals, objectives and standard. It is a systematic approach to the management of people using performance goals, measurement, feedback and reorganisation as a means of motivating them to realise or informal methods adopted by an organisation and its managers to increase commitment and individual and corporate effectiveness. It is not just performance appraisal or performance related pay. These will indeed be important elements in a performance management system. But they will be par of an integrated approach which consists of an interlocking series of process, attitudes and behaviours which together provided a coherent strategy for adding values and performing results.

The main aim of managing the performance of workers is to provide direction and motivation to those covered by the scheme. It provides the means for an organisation to translate strategy in the result. Human Resources Management forecast the company’s future skill and competency needs, based on the organisation business needs and strategies. Then it seeks to attract the most qualified people to satisfy those needs and execute the strategies. After people are hired, Human Resources Management assists in developing them competencies. Its then assists in rewarding employees and motivating them to perform better and inform their skills. Also, it works to retain employees who will benefit the company and help it achieve it strategies business goals.

Human resources development is a process introduced in improving the quality and productivity of personnel resources of the organisation. It is the process of improving, moulding, changing and developing the skills, knowledge, creative ability, right attitudes and value commitments based on present and further job and organizational requirements.

Human resources development includes educational training of an employee from the lowest form of educational level to the tertiary level. Organizations performs is defined as the record of outcomes produced on a specified project function or activity during a special period.

Different methods can be used to determine the performance of an organisation in a given area. These include; essay, critical incidents, forced distribution, emergency, ranking and paired compassion, the rating scale, forced. Choice and weighted checklist performance report. Proper development and management of an organisation can have a lot of effect on the organisation performance an the outcome of its productivity. 


The need for effective management and development of human resources to perform better will continue to increase as the organisation employee’s more workers in the organisation. It is clears when an organisation do not have the necessary training materials in the post in which they are problems, conflicts may arise role conflicts exist because different role behaviors are expected in the same situation such conflicts may manifest itself in favourism, biased complaints and unequatable allocation of resources (Paul 1998). Conflicts arises because they re not really trained on their job productivity increase or decrease depending on the level of training given to workers of an organisation on the manner of communication, team wok, tension and hostility involved.

Will the development and proper management of human resources in an organisation increase or decrease the performance of the workers of the given organisation? Is it wrong to get involved in the organisation? Will the development and management of workers in the organisation influence organisation productivity negatively or positively.


A case study of United Bank for Africa (UBA) will be analyse as for a proper illustration and better understanding on the research of human resources UBA has over 31 branches but these study is limited to a branch of UBA in Lagos Island. The sample will be limited to only workers or employee in this particular organisation.

The study will be limited to the main departments which is Human Resources Management, Accounting and Marketing Department. Using United Bank for Africa (UBA) as a case study, I hope to study works techniques, work ethics, working attitude, staff trained styles and many more of the bank environment also the managerial attitudes and human resources response within the organisation to the bank.


The main objectives of this research are to access the effect of human resources management or personnel on the organizational performance using UBA as a case study:

i.             To known of its management of human resources if influencing the organisation performance negatively or positively.

ii.           To know whether management of human resources will increase or decrease productivity.

iii.          To know if the human resources management of the case study company is effective or defective in operation.

iv.          To give suggestions also recommendation on how to developed the management skills of UBA successfully.


i.             Management of the organisation has effect on their performance.

ii.           Management of the organisation does not base any effect on their performance.

iii.          Supervision of organisations performance will contribute to the growth of the organisation Yes/No.

iv.          Management of organisation influences their productivity positively.

v.            The techniques used in appraising organization’s performance influences their performance negatively.


The following terms are defined for the purpose of this study:

i.             Strategy: The process of planning something or carrying out a plan in a skillful ways.

ii.           Productivity: Efficiency especially in industries which is measured by comparing the amount produced with the time taken or resources used to produce it.

iii.          Appraise: This is to assess the value, quality and nature of a person to recommend for hard labour reward.

iv.          Training: This is the process of preparing for an exercise on a job.

v.            Recruitment: This is a process of employing a new staff into an organisation or company, in other worth to apply for jobs with an organisation.

vi.          Human Resources: This is the efforts cumed at acquisition and utilization of men and maximizing their potentials towards achieving organizational goals.

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