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This project traffic light is design for the safety ness of vehicles our the road. It is a very destroy loop and sensor that which coordinate the system when the driver encounter long sharing of green light. The traffic light is consist of two more chamber or circuit red and green or amber/yellow which the red high gives the sign of stop the green is for free movement on the that is a junction or about.


Traffic light for vehicles or pedestrians normally have two main lights a red light that means stop and a green (or sometime while for pedestrian) light that means go or more correctly proceed with caution the use of these lower are thought to originate from nautical right of way. Usually the red light contains some orange in its have and the green light contains some blue to provide some support for people with red green colour blindness.
Traffic a light is just the way of controls the movement of vehicles on the road mostly at a junction or round about where there is combination of several rood meeting at particular point. In most areas or junction it flash grew in most countries there a yellow light which when on by itself and not flashing means stop if able to do so safety. In some system a flashing yellow means that a motorist may go a head with care if the road is clear giving way to pedestrians and to other road vehicles that may have priority. A flashing red is treated as a regular stop sign but it also work with the help of 555 timer 1c which is being set or timed at a particular time interval for its to reset and operate by itself.

In some instances traffic may turn after stopping on red right in right driving countries left in left driving countries too provided they yield to the pedestrians and other vehicles. In some cases which generally allow this a sign next to the traffic light indicates that it is allowed of a particular inter section. Conversely jurisdictions which generally allow this might forbid it at a particular inter section with a no turn on red sign or might put green arrow to indicate specifically when a right turns allowed without having to yield to pedestrians (this is usually when traffic from the perpendicular street making a left turn on to one’s street and this no pedestrians are allowed in the inter section anyway. Some jurisdictions allow turning on red in the opposite direction (left in right courtiers right in left driving countries) from one way road onto another way road some of these even allow these turns form two way road on to one way road. In some cases where drivers are allowing to proceed straight on red after stopping at specially posted T intersection where the increasing road went only left was dangerous.

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