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This study was conducted to determine the Impact of Local Government in Rural Development where Ojo local Government Area was used as a case study.

A well-designed questionnaire was administered on the subject matter to the citizens of the Local Government.

Data that were collected analysed by simple percentage to test the hypothesis used in the study.

However, suggestions and recommendations were drawn from the findings obtained in the study, in order to determined the impact of Local Government in Rural Development, most especially at Ojo Local Government.

It was established that the impact of Local Government in Rural development cannot be underestimated because it enhances development at the grassroot level.




The development of any country depends solely on the effort of such country. Nigeria as a country is bless with many resources and Nigeria as a Nation is expected to be one of the developed countries of the world. However to our greatest surprises, the country is grouped under one of the developing countries. The question to ask is what is/are the courses of this misfortune? There are many arguments of suggestions one of which give rise to this topic. The impact of Local Government on Rural Development.

Many people see rural development as the back bone on which a country can move forward. The term rural development carries a variety of meaning depending on the content in which it is been used, and it is more than just economic development, although economic development is the process of effort of building communities on Local level with emphasis on building the economy, foregoing and strengthening socialites and developing the non profit

sectors. Moreso, activities that increase the positive outcome possible within a community by linking individuals and organization working towards commonness. At the rural level the people needs rural development project.

Thus, rural development project can be seen as the project of chapter through which an individual member is given the opportunity of applying learned leadership and management skill in fulfilling chosen social responsibility.


Rural development has been hindered or affected due to the inability of local government officials to generate revenue that can serve as an enabling tools for this exercise.

Again, one techniques which have been adopted by these local government has tend to affectrural development.

Adamolekun (1990.40) has however identified some hindrances or obstacles which have hindered the effective generation of revenue and its attendant impacts on rural development.

These are the followings:-

(1)     Lack of cooperation and acceptance on the side of the citizens

(2)     Poor or ineffective techniques of revenue generation.

(3)     Problem of corruption, misappropriation, mis-management and manipulation.

(4)     Lack of transparency and accountability of local government officials.


The objective of this research is to examine the impact of Local Government in rural development. The specific objective of the study include:

a)       To examine the impact of the Local Government in rural development. The specific objective of the study and specific causes of under development as it relates to rural development and the attendant effect of the community.

b)      To determine the basic principle and techniques necessary for implementing rural development projects.

c)       To highlight some of the problems associated with the impact of rural development project like corruption, mis-management and mis­appropriation.


Attempt will be made to provide answers to the following questions.

i.       What is the impact of rural development of Local Government development in Nigeria?

ii.       To what extent will rural development affect grass root development?

iii.      Is rural development the best tools for carrying out community development project at the grass root level?


This study will be geared towards testing the following hypothesis:

1.       H0:   Participation in Local Government Decrease participation in decision implementation.

H1:   Participation in Local Government increase participation in decision implementation.

2.       Ho:   Motivation of employee does not improved employee productivity.

H1:    Motivation of employee improved employee productivity

3.       H0: Training as a motivational tools does enhances employees Performance

H1: Training as a motivational enhances employees performance

4.       H0:   The more internally generated Revenue, the lesser the development of the local government

H1:    The more internally generated Revenue, the greater the development of the local government


A study of this nature become important and significant because whatever result it shows would either encourage the authorities of more local government areas to adopt rural development programmes or project techniques or approach to develop their community.

However, results from this study will be relevant to the scholars and students of Public Administration to conduct further research. Moreso, information resulting from the research will be added to the existing knowledge on how the impact of rural development can improve local government.


A study of this, has a great deal on the impact of the overall society could need no less in depth problems into the circumstances which may lead to reliable and valid result. Remember, we are looking at the impact of local government in rural development.

However, information resulting from this study will be added to existing literature on how the local government can effect rural development in Ojo local government.

Also, the study will only cover Ojo local government. Due to finance and time frame, the study will not be able to cover all the local government in Nigeria.

This study is limited to Ojo local government. The study could have been extended to some other local government, but due to financial and time constant.


i.        Development is a term that means different thing to different people, it is loaded with an ideological assumptions, which can be expressed as faith, science or both (Apter 1987).

According to Fred W. Biggs development refers to organized efforts to carry out

programmes or project throughout by those involved to serve development objectives, Edward (1993:80).

Development is about a process of enrichment. Local Government has been conceived and constituted in different ways. According to the United Nations Division of Public Administration.

ii.       Local Government is a political division of a nation or (in a federal system, a state) which is constituted by law and has substance control of Local affairs including the power to impose taxes or exact labour for prescribed.


The study will be organized through the chapter. Chapter one is the introduction, Backgrounds of the study, Statement of the Problem, Objectives or purpose of the study, Basic Assumption, Hypothesis, Significance of the Study, Scope and Limitation of the Study.

Chapter two is the Literature review, and theoretical framework.

Chapter three is the Methodology, Introduction, Research instrument, the study population, sampling techniques, methods of data collection, method of data analysis and interpretation.

Chapter four is the data presentation, analysis and interpretation and Chapter five is the summary, conclusion and recommendation.


Adamolekun L. (1970) Political and Administration in Nigeria, Ibadan, Institute of Administration University of  Ife.

Anifowose R. and Enemou F. (199) Element of Polities, Lagos Mathouse Press Ltd.

Gboyega Alex (1988) Political Valuesand local government in Nigeria. Ibadan, Mathouse Press Ltd.

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research

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