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The research is on effective marketing strategies for health care services in Enugu metropolis ( a case study of Bethsaida hospital). Primary metropolis (a case study of Bethsaida hospital) primary and secondary data were collected to solve the research problem. Questionnaire were used as research instrument. The population of study comprised the customer (patients) and the relevant personnel’s.

            In order to carry out the research work effectively, the following objective were formulated. To find out the extent to which the concept of marketing management applies in the Nigerian Health institution with particulars reference to Bethsaida hospital.

v  To find out reasons for patients continuous dissatisfaction in the health institutions.

v  To determine the strength and weakness of marketing management as it relates to the hospital.

v  To know whether the services of Bethsaida are always patronage

v  In organizing and presenting the data collected table, frequencies and percentage were used while hypothesis were tested with chi- squares

v  Based on this, the researcher recorded the following findings

v  Customers are satisfied with the services of the hospital with regards to availability hence it is always available.

            The quality of services of the hospital does not increase customers patronage.

            The hospital does not apply effective marketing strategies in its operation. The hospital charges are high. The performance of the hospital is above average the personnel’s are motivated.

            In view of these findings, the researcher made the following recommendation.

The hospital should find new ways of offering its services. The personnel should be given more training.

            The quality of services should be increase to meet with the high charges of services.

            Customers (patients) forum should be organized it is the researcher candid opinion that it the recommendation of the reseach is adopted, the hospital will not only serve their customers (patients) effectively but will also enjoy sustained growth and make more profit.

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