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      This project on publicity design on “Bribery and corruption in Nigeria” was chosen to create awareness to how pubic on the scourge of Bribery and corruption and how to prevent and fight it.

  My approach is purely based on visual aids for an easy illustration.

    Some describe corruption as an act of stealing, cheating, telling lies. – Different people hold different view on corruption.    There are those who believe it is purely – social affair and there are other who say it is spiritual and that it comes from an instinct.

     However, corruption is defined as an inducement to wrong by bribery or other unlawful or improper means – a departure from what is pure and correct. It also means – a departure from a sound to unsound and provident state, make is an evil influence.

      Corruption is one of the infamous twin evils Bribery and corruption. There are different features of corruption depending on the every day activities of the individual. A person is said to be corrupt when he secure material advantage or if a public official is induced to act otherwise he would not.   One can also define corruption as improper or selfish exercise of power and influence by a public officer.

      We can note that different definitions have been given for corruption and hardly can find one that is complete – It is because corruption is multi – faceted with numerous forms and dimensions. In Nigeria, some say that it has become a convention. A tradition, a psychological need, a necessity, and a way of Life.

     This write –up is made up of three chapters.

 In chapter one, is an introduction where I highlighted the background history, statement of problem, the aims and objectives, the scope of the project, Limitations and Delimitation and definition of terminologies

    Chapter two of this work comprises of the Literature review.

     Chapter three is about the techniques, material and tools used in the work.

      After the chapters comes conclusion and then Bibliography.




1.1    Statement of Problem

1.2     Aims and Objectives

1.3      Scope of the Delimitations

1.4      Definition of Terminologies


2.1    Literature Review 

2.2    Causes of Bribery and Corruption


3.1     Methods and Materials





              For a very long time, corruption has become recognized as a major problem in Nigeria, where it has become reaching the dimension of an epidemic, in our body politics, government after government, and continually expressed alarm at the situation and has reported declare their respective intentions to control corruption, It is recognized that corruption is a most perverting of (crime which) acts as a catalyst to all ……………… other (crimes). Let it is restricted to the improper giving and the receiving of gratification to and by a public officer of various categories in older to do or to refrain from doing certain acts in the cause of his official duties, excepting the extension of the office to business.

          This emphasis on public sector probity appears not to recognized the complementarily of both public and private sectors of the same integral society, in the light of which we should know that the “ attitude and habits” in one sector are bound to affect and enforce attitude and habits in other sector. Therefore, if we attempt to clean up the public sector, with cankerworm will continuously be contaminating the public sector with attendant continuation of corruption habit, in as much as it is impossible to insulate the must be cleaned together. This prophecy was amply fulfilled by various civilian Administrations of 1979 – 83 in the country, which were respectively characterized by graft and endemic corruption. Federal Government failed to enact the necessary enabling Law then to establish code of conduct Tribunal and Bureau, as provided for in 79 constitutions. It is therefore clear that we must define the offence of corruption to cover behavior in both private and public sectors in as much as probity in both sectors is essential to a health society. In this regard, we must cover all the categories of person medium or low in status.

Also in the line with dynamic activism of Brairaiman J. in the case of “ Biokaku v. police where his Lordship defined the word corruption” as receiving or offering of same benefit as a reward or inducement to sway or deflect the receiver from the honest and impartial discharge of his duties, we should defined the offence beyond mere financial consideration to cover such areas as sexual favors, conferment of titles or appointment (including promotions) to office, admission into clubs or societies.


The problem of “Bribery and corruption” in Nigeria cannot be over – emphasized. This problem therefore is a public enlightenment campaign against “Bribery and corruption:

The problem that normally arise between the policemen and the drivers is a times, if the policeman is trying to stop the driver, because of the token sum of “Mustafa” they used to offer the policemen, out of annoyance the police may open fire on the driver thereby killing him and wounding other passengers.

So also where the 20 is not provided in time, the policeman may request for the particulars of the vehicle which must be complete and in absence of anyone, they will drag the driver to the station where they will ensure that a heavy amount is exploited from the driver.

I strongly believe that the problem of collecting money along a highway which is rampant in Nigeria highways is from the top echelon. I also believe that they are equally aware, as they are given account of the money collected every month thereby amassing wealth for them.


Aim of carrying out this research and this project is to contribute my quota as an artist in combating the wild and overwhelming circulation of Bribery and corruption in Nigeria. Things have really fallen apart and nothing I at ease anyone, society is corrupt. Both the upper and the

Lower class of people. Everybody wants to suffer in order to earn a Living. Even though it is not the proper way.

           I therefore intend that after executing this project, Both the    upper and the lower class of will begin to see “Bribery and corruption” as a cankerworm eaten through the fabric of our nation and should we should try our best to desist from the act. My aim is to imbibe in everybody that looks at the billboard that we should desist from bribery, Nigeria would be better for all of us.


  The project involves both practical aspects. The theories like I earlier mentioned is a three chapter work including conclusion and bibliography while the practical part is rendered on a bill board with the dimension of “4” by “3” ply wood board. I used oil paints, colour such as white, black, blue, and cream, yellow. It is the graphic illustration of a police man that stops a bus driver, trying to collect a token sum of “mortal” from the motorist with their slang “make you rojah me or else we go to station and the bold lettering, drawing the public attending that “Bribery and corruption” is a cankerworm eating through the fabric of our nation and should desist from it.


Most of the terminologies used in both this and practical works are normal English and has no complications, some of them are:

INDUCEMENT: persistence or influence somebody to do something.

                EPIDEMIC: widespread among many people in the same Place for a time         

                CANKERWORM: Evil influence of tendency that cause Decay.

                 EMBEZZLEMENT: Use of money placed in one’s card in a Wrong way for one’s own benefit.         

                 FORGERY: make a copy of something e.g. Signature, a   Bank note, a will in order to deceive.

                 FRAUD: criminal deception.                    

                 SMUGGLE: GET goods secretly and illegally out of a country through the custom.

                 HOARDING: carefull7y saved and guarded store of money,                  Food or other treasured objects.

                 BURGLARY: crime of breaking into a house by night to   steal

                 RAMPANT:  social evil that is unchecked and beyond                  Control.       

                  AMASS:  Acquitting of too much wealth.          

                  ECHELON:  step –like formation of troops.

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