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In the world of production, there are many techniques for working e.g wood carving – This means chipping away parts of log or plank to arrive at the required form. Metal construction – this involves the joining of metals when sufficient temperature is applied using filler rods called electrodes. Casting- which explains the pouring of liquid metal, plastic etc.
Come down to adaptation of technique, casting is the making of an object by pouring liquid substance like metal, plastic etc into a mould and allowing it to cool and assume the chape of the mould. In the execution of sculptural pieces, cement is assumed to the medium. Cement which is to be used in casting in mixed with send in the ratio of 2:1. Water is than added to make it fluid and plastic so that the mixture will be able to enter into all the depressions on the clay positive. The execution of the coal mines has been one of the sculptural works in Enugu metoropolis that depicts the scope of this study. Before the arrival of the British colonial government, the geographical area was made up of many nationalistics, among which between 250 – 350 were later brought together to constitute the current Nigerian state. The area was naturally going through the process of enlarged communities and people moved across ethnic boundaries to maxmise threats. The House- Fulani were involved in balance of power tussle with the Yoruba, the Yoruba were involved in similar tussle with the Dahomeys (Republic of Benin). The Igbos too were engaged in a balance of power tussle agains Benin, Igala and some other rationalities. None of the actors was able to enjoy over balanced power, and there was no consciousness to bring a Nigerian nation states. As the contradictions of Nigerian unitary system mature, those in charge of the state become more and intolerant. Yet the use of force and brutal exptoitation does not being the country near peace.
Coming down to the scope of this study which is power tussle in Enugu state. Power tussle is a short struggle, fight or argument especially in order to be in control. Although power has been variously defined by Goldhomer and shils, weber, Rier stedt, simmel, parsons and other, all definition carry the that popular is ability to control other benefit of the power holder. In our society today individuals, groups tussle for power in order to gain one three components of power. Force, Authority and influence. For several years, Enugu state remained the most significant city in the south-eastern part of the Niger.Apart from the coal which it was know for, it was also the political headquarters of the south eastern region. Enugu has a lot of symbolism attached to it It was the city where great sons and daughters of the Igboland began their journey and pyramid climb in to the apex of federal governmental structure. In 1950’s Enugu server as a rullying ground to resist British slave labor. Those who worked at the coal mine, one the Nigerian major export production t the time paid dearly with their blood when the colonialist defined human decency by publicly executing the coal miners in a broad day light. What was the sin of these coal miners? Demand for better standard of living, a request that did not involved armed tussle.Not only has Enugu state continued to be melting point of south east politics, it has also continued to be melting points of south east politics, it has also continued to serve as the thermometer for measuring the political temperature of the Igbo people. That perhaps is responsible for the kinds of attention the unifording political events in the state have attracted. From the issueof power tussle between the states Governor, Dr Chimaraoke Nnamani and Senator Jim Nwobodo, to the controversy surrounding the Adoration ground tragedy, up to the state Assemblys unending crisis, and the closure of Savannah Bank issues concerning the state have been thrown to the front burner of national discourse. Presently, every incident or development in the state is explained from political perspective. One of such issues was the closure of savannah Bank issue concerning the state have been thrown to the front burner of national discourse.presently, every incident or develop ment in the state is explained from political perspective. One of such issue was the cloure of savannah Bank PLC by the central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). This generated ripples as insinuations were made that the action as part of a master as plan to force Nwobodo out of circulation. While those that hold this view readily point accusing fingers on the presidency and the state government. The raging tussle in the state House of Assemble has also made the state the first to have Legislators who operate from exite. Apart from the fact that the tussle in the House has faven a dangerous dimension as there are reports of use of arms on the floor of the Assembly thereby defilling the sanctity of a house of Law, lawmakers in the state now operate like commands.On the march 7 tragedy, Revernd father Ejike Mbaka had gathered worshipers of the Government Technical college, Enugu for his weekly adoration programme. At the end of the religions gatherring, fourteen worshipers were confirmed dead. The state hit the headlines of the press. A religions issue almost immediately assumed a political trend. News that the tragedy was caused by poisonous gas filtered, round the state and the nation. There were equally allegations of gun shots were heard at the adoration ground. All these allegations, implicitly and explicitly, had the state government at the centre of the issue. Nnamani’s government consequently found itself in the eye of the stann.

The project is to let people know what is actually happening in our society today, using Enugu state as the scope; when two people tussle for a particular post, this sometimes results to a bloody conflict, example, two people tussle for kingship, which sometimes go to the extent of trying to kill the other individual in order to be in control.
2 Secondly, two people tussled for a political post usually who will be the power holder, and that head to fighting and shooting of other party members, example, on 27th of June 2003 a man was shot dead and many people injured when a political crisis was carried out in Udi between PDP and ANPP. There were terrible gunshots
In the air and people ran for their lives all because of a particular post.
3. Thirdly, two individuals tussle for a piece of land, which 
Involves the use of dangerous weapon to destroy the other person in order to be in control of the land.
Finally, this project is now pointing out to the public showing the problem we have in our society which if we can understand one another we do things kin order and know that we are just passing bye in this world. So there is no need to destroy in order to be in control.

The aims, and objectives of this project is to enable people to know that power is not a game of do or die affair rather a
Device that co-ordinates without tussle or violence, we can reach to the pinnacle of the temple together without pushing anybody down.
Tussle for power is not easy to achieve, yes, this is true, but if we can do things uprightly without any tussle and violence, we can still achieve any goal we want in life.

Many examples of were power Tussle have be experience both in individuals and groups. But for research convenience, this study is limited to the Enugu state. This study concerns itself solely with modern power tussle and crisis.

Though this research is embarked upon with all zeal, it is 
Nonetheless noteworthy to mention certain factors that tend to hamper the procurement of data for this research. Foremost is the insufficient of books on this particular project, the writer did not find it easy to get enough information as it concerns what is happening today. Another is the time factor, the write of this project would have carried out more research in greater detail if there had been more time. The total cost of the work was ascertained because of unsteady prices and problem associated with locating the working materials.

For the purpose of this project, materials available for the
Production includes cement, clay and fiber or polyguard.
However, using fiber glass can retain its originality and maintain it strength.

There is no specific definition for the sculptural terminology which if not explained may not be understood by the ordinary reader. Therefore, technical words used are hereby defined either operationally or conceptually (based on the ideas).
1. Clay: earthly material that is elastic when prepared and
Kneaded carefully.
2 Chicken wire: Light were not designed properly, mostly
Used in chicken layers which are so good in getting shape?
Of your work.
3. Spatulas: Wooden or metal materials use in creating forms.
4. Amateur: The finished frame of a particular work with the
Chicken wire and metal.
5. Pallet knife: Used in modeling.
6. Saw Blade: Used in getting some specific level.
7. Based – Board: The board on which the work is going to 
Be worked.
8. Fiber Glass: Light material used in casting the work
after mould making.
9. Casting: An object made by pouring liquid metal, plastic
etc into a mould or shaped container.

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research

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