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The study evaluated the decorated traditional cloth used in Tiv cultural activities in Benue State, Nigeria. The aim of the study was to establish the aesthetic value of Tiv traditional cloth used in cultural activities, while the objectives are to: find out the educational value of Tiv traditional cloth; examine the symbolic meanings of black and white colour; and evaluate the use of the Tiv traditional cloth. To facilitate the study, three research questions were raised and answered. Related literature based on conceptual framework were reviewed which served as a road-map for the study. The survey research design was used for the study. A sample of 140 weavers was used for the study. A structured questionnaire developed by the researcher was used in collecting data from the respondents. The data collected were analysed using mean and standard deviation. From the analyses of the data, the findings showed that there is high educational value of cultural activities in relation to the black and white colours that are used on decorated Tiv traditional cloth. The black and white colours symbolize peace, fertility of the soil, harmony, authority, beauty and excellence. In addition, the usage of the decorated traditional cloth among the Tiv clan community include rituals, identity, burial ceremonies, initiation and gift. It is recommended among others that workshops and seminars be organized for weavers to adopt advanced weaving skills for mass production of decorated Tiv traditional cloth and that youth should be encouraged to use the traditional cloth to project Tiv culture and values more than it is being done currently.

Background of the Study

The thematic preoccupation of this chapter is an evaluation of the Tiv Traditional Decorated Cloth used in cultural activities in Benue State, Nigeria. Highlighted in the chapter are: background of the study, statement of the problem, purpose, research questions, significance, and scope of the study.

The Tiv traditional cloth is woven in predominately black and white with a manually designed loom. Although tie and dye and batik designs are veritable means that produces beautiful colours, Igirgi (2007), research has revealed that, Tiv textile industry depends excessively on local materials of „Beba‟ with the addition of „Kawa‟ that produce the black colour. While the white colour is obtain by maintaining the natural white colour of the cotton wool used. Advances in Technology have made it possible to change the difficulty and complexity often encountered in local production of colour. Colours are imported for use for tie and dye and batik design. Advances in technology have also made it possible to produce materials like black and white thread and other related colours, instead of using the old system of producing materials directly from back of trees, plant, leaf and earth (clay).

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