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This subject matter titled ‘’THE IMPACT OF APPLICATION OF COMPUTER SKILLS IN THE EFFICIENCY OF NIGERIA BANKING SYSTEM’’ with particular reference to First Bank of Nigeira Plc Lokoja is based on the use of computer in banking industry, this study had also evaluated the activities of First Bank of Nigeria Plc Lokoja, when it was operating manually and presently that it is operating with computer to transact business with its customers. Also, discussed in this research work are the objectives of the study which is among the introduction part of the study, which involves the consideration the effectiveness of the impact of computer skill in relation to banking system. And even the method of data. Collection in chapters three which provide information on how to obtain the necessary data on which the result and conclusion obtained at the end of research work are based. And also the method of analysis data which involved the use of analytical tools and comparison with established fact and point on the past studies that are related using percentage, statistical and responses. We also have summary of findings this research have been conducted to determine the impact of computerization in the Nigeria banking, particularly First Bank of Nigeria which mean that feasibility study should be made to ensure that a computer can be justified in term of volume of work to effect any possible changes in the banking management.


When taking care of our personal backing system, many of us at one time have experience some degree of frustration. However, cashing a cheque at a bank with out having proper identification seems to be one of the problems one face at one time or the other. We may consider a situation where a customer has lost his passbook together with the account number or could not remember carrying it along with him or her to the bank.

It will not be easy facing the detailed information of the customers transactions with the bank.

Perhaps, banking can be inconvenience since many bank are opened for few hours than the normal working days. We are frequently inconvenient when we try to work around bank schedule than of course, there could be long waiting queue and customers spending much hour in the bank which constitutes threat to the banking industry as to give department dependable solution to his work is said to be orchestrated.


Banks for a long time have been encountering problems in the processing of large business information.

This is as a result of cost and time associated with the manual processing of data have been something of great concern. This problem to a large extent have affected their level of performance in terms of output and quality of services and that have consequently contributed to the difficulty problem of maintaining maximum level. It is on the basis of these that the topic ‘’IMPACT OF COMPUTER SKILLS IN THE EFFICIENCY OF NIGERIA BANKING SYSTEM’’ was chosen with a view of finding out how the use of computer has enabled to achieve it objectives or goals.


In order to ascertain the main objectives or aims of this research work, the researchers took into consideration, the effectiveness of the impact of computer skills in relation to banking system. This is also done by studying computer application related to customer services manager job.


  1. When the use of computer is encouraged, the inefficient of the staff in performing their duties will be done by computer
  2. It will help to spread up the work of the operator in the accurate
  3. Computer serves as the fastest way of transacting financial activities as carried out in banks.
  4. To the manager, it help the overall cost effectiveness in order to use computer to store large information and provide temporary duplicate and delete when it is not needed and if computer are well instructed, it produce accurate information garbage in garbage out (GIGO)

According to the goals of the form is the first aim of the management and most importantly in an efficient and effective way in which computer can attribute to such success especially in the banking industry with introduction of computer to the system of transaction, it has become easy or easier to carryout accounting function in banking which return enhanced the profitability.


The following are the questions drawn up for this research work:

  1. Does the use of computer bring about shorter working hour?
  2. Will computer create cleaner and safer working conditions
  3. Will computer bring about higher standard of living
  4. Will computer help to achieve the organizational effectiveness and efficiency?
  5. Can business application such as payroll and stocking control be put in order through the help of the computer?


This study of the impact of computer skills in the efficiency of Nigeria banking system focuses on first bank of Nigeria Plc, Lokoja Kogi State. The areas covered include the literature review which include the historical background of the economy, problems associated with the use of computer as well as the management and maintenance of computer for efficiency.


Basic limitations and constraints that most researchers do come across were also experienced during this research, but at the end of all data collected for all sources, we were able to come to a conclusion.

In the process of this research work, we were faced with a number of problem as outlined below:

  1. The uncompromising attitude of some top management staff in releasing some essential fact ranging from software application, maintenance and record back up that would have been a useful information for this research work was turned down.
  2. The general reluctances of the staff to fill and return the questionnaire back to the research also limit the speedy completion of the project
  3. Also, the stipulated time limit for carrying out the research rather not adequate for a comprehensive study to be done.
  4. Financial constraints were also some of the constant problems encountered in the course of carrying out this project, since adequate information were not supplied, the research have to use other alternative such as browsing on the internet, buying of computer based text to obtain more information.
  5. Inadequate library facilities some of the library visited in the course of this research were the Kogi State Polytechnic Library and the Stella Obasanjo Library complex however, little or no comprehensive computer based text were found.


COMPUTER: A computer is being defined by various book writers. Is been defined by William (2003) as any machine or device which can accept data in prescribed form processes the data and supply the result of the processing in a specific format as information.

COMPUTER IS A TOOL: A tool operate by taking raw material (data). And converting into product (information), by means of devices which performs a process. By Scott. N.R. (1985).

HARDWARE: Hardware is the name given to all the physical devices found in a computer system hardware consist of all input device central processor (main memory) auxiliary or backing storage and putput devices C.S. French (1996).

SOFTWARE: Is the term used to describe the set of programmes that support the hardware in order to enable it operate effectively and carryout the various function required by the use i.e. all programmes used by the computer is generally known as software. Software consist of the system and the application software. LARY L, and NANCY L (1986).

MAGNETIC DISK: Magnetic disk is a form of stored medium on small computer system, diskette or floppy disk, usually plastic disk are 3.5 or 5.25 inches in diameter and encased in a jacket for protection. The storage capacities of the diskette varies, depending on density of particular types. By UDENG BASSEY (1985).

MAGNETIC TAPE: Magnetic tape media operate through the use of magnetic tape devices. This units are connected to processor to permit programme and data to be loaded into written from memory. The tape storage contain either historical data that are involved day to day processing or recovering copies of programmes and data files stored in its case these are destroyed accidentally. EMUINA A. (1998).

MEMORY UNIT: This is system used in stroing programme instruction and data which the computer is processing. BY PASCHAC J.S. (1988).

DATA: This is a raw fact used by the computer to generate information that can be meaningful to man after being converted to information. OTT N.R. (1985).

INFORMATION: This is a data that has been processed by an individual through the computer. By NNGUN C.B. (2001).

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