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Secretaries as important organs of government establishment and organization perform essential functions in these establishment. For the purpose of this research work, the definitions, qualities and duties secretaries are examined. In doing the stated function a secretary  stands as a potent instrument  for the improvement  of the various  government establishments or organization in the country. This is necessitated because of the poor performance of these governmental establishment in terms of their administration management in the modern technological expanding societies we are in.

Most of the establishment are saddled with so many problem including that proper administration. The rationale for his work is to establish the fact clearly secretaries has the potentials of enhancing the administrative efficiency of the government establishment in the country, with the university of Nigeria campus as a case study. In doing this he sampled population  in some secretaries. The finding are:

There is a tighter awareness of administrative and management skill among the involved

Secretaries of the department of the university more than non  secretaries of the university.

Chapter one diseases fully on the  background of the  study statement of the problem purpose of study and  other, chapter two in its own treats the views of  other authors on the subject. Chapter three discusses the methodology

Used in the research as well as the host of others. Chapter four features the analysis of the data collection.

The summary of the study discussion of the findings, recommendation and conclusion occupied chapter five the concluding chapter.



1.0              Introduction

1.1              Background of the study

1.2              Statement of the problem

1.3              Purpose of the study

1.4              Justification /significance of the study

1.5              Scope / or domination of the study

1.6              Research Hypotheses

1.7              Assumption of study

1.8              Definition of terms.


2.0              literature review

2.1              Definition of secretary

2.2              Types and qualities of a Good secretary

2.3              Duties of secretary

2.4              Problems in performance of their duties

2.5              Government establishment

2.6              Problems of government Establishment

2.7              Secretaries and government establishments


3.0              Methodology

3.1              Research design

3.2              Area of the study

3.3              Population of the study

3.4              Sample and sampling procedure

3.5              Instrument for data collection

3.6              Validity of the instrument for data collected

3.7              Reliability of the instrument

3.8              Method of data collection

3.9              Method of data analysis



Presentation and analysis of data


5.0       Discussion on findings and conclusion

5.1              Discussion of result

5.2              Implication

5.3              Recommendation suggestion

5.4              Limitation of the study



Appendix or Appendixes



1.1              BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

The establishment and organizations established by government such as public corporation and  higher schools whose duties are to provide social and essential services for the development and welfare of it’s citizens operate below  expectations. This is because of their inefficient administrates management  and control. The consequences of this is issue of corruption in these establishments, or organization ,poor staffing provision of sub- stand services by these establishment wastage of public funds and lack of accountability.

To bring this inefficiency to an end, the author wishes to survey an alternative way of enhancing the administration to the establishment with specific attention to the university of Nigeria Enugu campus as one of these government establishments in the country.

1.2              STATEMENT OF PROBLEM

It is the legitimate responsibility of the government in the country to provide certain essential and social services to for citizen. The reason for this is that the cost of providing for these services are so huge that the private establishments can not offord the cost of these services. Some transportation services of certain nature, electricity services and educational services include others.

Most of the establishments set up by the government to provide these essential  services are lagging behind in terms of  administration and control. This deficiency created a lot of seatbacks in the management of these establishment.

It is to the opinion of the researcher that secretaries of these establishment  are the potent instrument that could be used to enhances the administration machineries of the organization or the establishment. So this research work ids aimed at evaluating the roles of improvement of quality of services rendered   by government establishment with specific emphasis on the university of Nigeria Enugu campus.

1.3              PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

The purpose (s) of this research work including:

(1)               To investigation the impact of secretaries on improving the quality of services rendered by government establishment.

(2)               To find out whether the duties of a secretary goes beyond typing and writing of shorthand.

(3)               To evaluate the duties of a secretary in relation to proper and efficient administration of government establishment

(4)               Make recommendation on how to make secretaries effective and efficient.


It has stated that government establishments, organizations and social institutions like higher schools are inefficient in their administrations, due to the nature a administration strategies and personnel they make use of. But this research work, the roles of secretaries, tools, for enhancing the quality of services rendered by government establishment is significant and potent instrument for improving these government establishments, in fact it shows the improving of secretaries in improving or services rendered by    government establishments. In doing this the work will help to correct the wrong impressions held of secretaries in most offices and government establishment are  more servants that have no power of inihiatiues of their own regarding the management and administration of most officers.

This research will bring to the full realization of every body that secretaries are important organs of most establishment including the  government establishments and veritable tools for actuering effectuate administration in every organizational set up.

For instance, the definition of a secretary in the Journal national seretries Association. (1988) is a captivating type and bears full support to the roles of the secretaries in efficient quality services in the government establishments.

Below is the definition:

A secretary is an executive Assistant, who possess a mastery of office skills, who demonstrates the ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, who exercises initiative and judgement and make decision within the scope of an assigned authority.

From this definition, one can conclude that secretaries perform a lot of responsibilities in any organization or establishment. An establishment can perform well in the absent of a manager, as for as there is an  efficient secretary. As sated above , before, this study will go a long way to show  how important secretaries are in every government establishments. This study will also bring out clearly the fundamental differences between secretaries and  or ordinary typist in their delegated duties.

The other significant of this study is that it will help the practicing and intending secretions to come to terms and properly understand their enamours roles and functions in every establishment and their needed efforts to brace up with the demands of their offices.

Finally, this study will serve as a pointer and eye-opener to training institutions on their needs to have more commitments in the training of secretaries with particular reference of providing to them the modern training requirement that will help to keep  them abreast of the modern technological and  communication development.


The ideas which the author puts forward as the purpose or basis for this work has expression in the following  hypothesis or question:

i)                    what are the impact of secretaries in improving the quality of services rendered by government establishment in Enugu urban.

ii)                  Is the secretary dustier are limited to only typing and writing of shorthand?

iii)                To what extent are secretaries a liability to government establishment

iv)                Are the secretaries actually assets to organization?

v)                  To what extent does lack of secretaries affects efficiency in government establishment?

vi)                To what extent does a secretary relationship with their boss affects organizational output.

1.6              ASSUMPTION OF STUDY

It is the assumption of this work that secretaries make handsome contributions toward the growth and survival of the organization that  them.

1.7              DEFINITION OF TERM

In this research work the following terms were defined and given meaning as follows

(a)                This means function duties and responsibilities.

(b)               These stand for the organs of the establishments that perform useful functions in the organization.

(c)                Tool: Tools means or stands for instruments, or equipment’s

(d)               Enhancing :     This means improving

(e)                Quality of service: This stands for the stock of or valued of duties

(f)                Government Establishment: These are business set up or made by the government such establish are public corporation higher institution.

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