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This project focused on the impact of industrial accident in an organization. ( a case study of NIGERIAN BOTTLING COMPANY NBC OWERRI). It was carried out to a analyze the industrial accident and access the performances of constituted bodies to control industrial accident over the year. 
Chapter on of this work embraces the introduction, background of the study which also review the brief history of Nigeria bottling company owerri, its statement of problems, purpose of study, research questions, hypothesis, significance of the study , scope and delimitation of the study, limitation of the study and definition of terms used in the project. 
Chapter two deals the literature review causes of accident and the forms it also review the effects of industrial accidents in the organization , method used to prevent them laws and preventive measures of accidents, accidents cost and investigation. 
The chapter three is all about the emphasis on research methods research design, questionnaires design, sampling and selection of respondents. It also emphasis on the method of data collection source of data and method of analysising. These data will enable the reader to understand the work.
Chapter four focus on the presentation of the data collected and its analysis as well as the testing of the hypothesis and interpretation of the result. This interpretation will help the reader to understand this work better.
Finally the last chapter being chapter five contains summary of findings conclusion and recommendations. 



An accident is mishap or the action of object equipment or man to machine some injuries to persons, damage to machines, tools equipment which result of cost of production target. In other words, an accident is a occurrence which occurs without planning or expectedly. It can also be regarded as an unintended and sudden occurrence which causes damages hurt and cost of life and materials in an organization.
In other hand industrials accident can said to be an accident which occurs in a industrial environment (factor or organization). Unexpectedly which causes permanent injuries and in some cases may result to death of an employee and human being in general. An mishap and sudden occurrence in an industrial site causing cost and hurt to materials equipment and man is an organization. E.g a permanent or temporal. Injury sustained process chemical explosion leading to fire accident hurt on human body resulting from effects of chemical of any types and some fires fall of product/ materials at the process of production etc.
As a result of various accidents in our industrials firms and factories safety practices and rules in an organization are paramount and levels the priority attention of the operational management if firms. To ensure adequate safety and protection of machines, materials and employees in various organization today, training, expositions seminar and symposium have been organized to inform and educate workers and operators to alert on the use of tools equipments etc. to always put on protective wears like overall, safety boots, helmet, glove and so on which will drastically reduces the level of industrial accident in an organization.

Nigerian Bottling Company Plc is one of the bottling companies that have. Its beginning in Nigerian from a small family owned. Operation at inception. It is predominant bottler of alcohol. Free beverages in Nigeria responsible for the manufacture and sales of coca-cola products (brands). The Nigerian Bottling Company was incorporated in November 1951 as a subsidiary of AG leventies group with the franchise to bottle and sale coca-cola product in Nigeria they actually started production in Nigeria in march 1953 at a bottling facility in Ebuta Lagos state. 
It I s worthy to mention the fact that the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) employees over 7000 Nigerian in all the field of observation it was on of the worlds leading soft drinks producer. Some of their products are coca-cola, Fanta Orange, Sheweppes, Five Alive, Fanta Ginger Fanta Tonic, Fanta Soda, Fanta Lemon, Crest, bitter lemon etc. 
Nigerian Bottling Company is also the largest manufacturer of carbonate soft drinks (co2) and Eva water which are used all over. In addition NBC has the largest private owned fleet f delivery trucks their products to many dealers in all parts of the country. 
0ver the years, production capacity and 80 distribution warehouse located across the country and over 200,000 sales outlets nation wide. The Nigeria bottling company management staff are AMb Olusegun apata who heads the Nigeria Bottling company with firm commitment to the values and spirit of the world greatest brand. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of the company. To maintain standard and safety, Nigeria bottling company has a training school at Ikeja Lagos state with the head quarter located at iddo Lagos state which helps to educated the staff and management. Nigerian Bottling company (NBC) owerri plant is located at Km 7 Owerri /Onitsha industrial layout. They started operation in the year 1982 with a single production line producing only fantas and letter added many different products.

Through industrial accidents is preventable and there are safety measures in working place, but the following are discounted to be the banes or problems of the subject matter.
 When there are recruitment of quack staff and operators in an organization which promotes industrial accidents in the company of organization.
 Inability of the management to identify the possible cause of accident and make provision to prevent then and also identify the types.
 Management negligent in the discharge of their duties and provide safety facilities to workers and materials.
 Inability of the workers to yield to the safety instruction and practice provided.
 Little time allocated to the verification of causes of industrials accident as a result of lack of fund to carry out detail requires.

The major purposes of this project research “the impact of industrials accident in an organization” include the following.
 To examine the causes of industrial accidents in various organization
 To examine forms and types of industrial accidents in an organization
 To examine and verify the measures taken or put to prevent industrial accident that occurs in an organization.
 To know the level of investigation that are carried out on accident occurrence in an organization.
 To examine the various laws and legislations put on accidents in an organization
 To recommend on new feasible ways to maintain on accidents free industrials base.

This study will be of benefits to various categories of people and its importance will be of benefits to the following groups of people and others. 
 The researcher the researcher apart from researching for the fulfillment of part from necessary condition for receiving the higher national Diploma Award. It will serve as eye opener to her on matters concerning accident in any firm or organization she finds herself, be it bottling company or any other industry. 
 It will help other industries or organization that may come across the project to know the impact of industrial accident in an organization. It will also be a challenge to organizations to improve in lead of safety production to be used to avoid damage cost and hurt which may lead to reduction in production and sales.
 Student researchers: future students in this field or those who wants to make research on this topic will find it useful and it will serve as a guide to develop their research work.
 The student firm: Nigeria bottling company owerri will find this project research work useful as it is going to reveal to them the areas of deficiency in curbing industrial accident in their firm. It will also make them to know those safety practices that are helpful to the successful running of industry and organization. 
 And to the entire their eyes on the impact of industrial accident in an organization general.

i. Are there fatal industrial accidents in the organization?
ii. Is industrial accident controllable or uncontrollable?
iii. Is there any loss arising from which affect industry’s profitability?
iv. What are the safety measures put in place to prevent industrial accidents in the organization?
v. Is there any legislation guaranteeing safety of workers at working place?

H0: 1 Industrial accident is not controllable in the organization
H1: 1 Industrial accident is controllable in the organization
H0: 2 Industrial accident does not lead to low productivity in the organization.
H1: 2 industrial accident leads to low productivity in the organization.

This study on the impact of industrial accident in an organistion covers the industrial accident in an organization and not other form of accident. It studies the Nigeria bottling company (NBC) owerri and not the Nigerian Bottling company nation wide.
The geographical coverage over area of the study is owerri municipal council (owerri plant of NBC Nig plc) the result of this study will be used to draw conclusion on the impact of industrial accident in an organization nationwide.

This research topic is such a one that attack and receive the interest of all but there are some constraints which affects its success and also influences its result. Such limitations include the following. 
i. FINANCIAL CONSTRAINTS: the researcher if this work is a student and do not have through money or all the money needed of literature work on subject matter at this point in time. The transportation fee he visit the firm always for thorough investigations and oral interview is a problems. Cost printing also is too much that the researcher reduces the numbers of leaves to types. 
ii. TIME CONSTRIANTS: the time allocated to this project work is limited compare to the subject. This is so because there are other class work activities like assignment, seminar etc. which are demanding and this constraint and this in other hand affects the result to be achieved.
iii. THE ATITUDE OF STAFF AND MANAGEMENT of the Nigeria Bottling company owerri affects the project length in no small measure. Some of the staff refuse to open up to questioners orally also they refuse to fill the appropriate things needed to fill questionnaire which would have being useful to the work as a result of fear. The top management are so busy that they keep given you appropriate which never hold.
iv. In some cases their information are not accessible in the net/computer which is of the reliable source of information in research work.

 ACCIDENT: a mishap or action of an object, equipment or man which causes some injuries to the person, damage to machine, tools and equipment which result to cost of production.
 APRONS: a garment worn over the front of the body to keep cloth clean and to protect the body from injury from acids.
 BRANDS: the types of product that a company produces
 COST: what it takes an organization to achieve or make something. It is that price at which an item may be bought or sold.
 CONSTRIANT: a thing that limits or restricts some on from doing something.
 ENVIRONMENT: it consists of all factors fund in a surrounding that affects it.
 EXPOSITION: this is the expounding or explaining or explaining. explanation of a theory, plan to work, exhibition of goods to workers. 
 FACTORY: a building where goods to workers equipment are made especially by machinery workshop with safety regulations working condition of employees.
 FATA ACCIDENT: an accident resulting into death of a work in an organization or industry
 HEALTH: this is the state or condition of the mind of a worker in the industry. 
 HELMET: a protective head-covering worn by soldiers, firemaen , miners and industrials staff or operators.
 INDUSTRIAL: it is an area of land planned and used for building of industrial to be rented to manufactured for the production of products.
 INJURY: it deals with harm, damage wrong treat. If is an act that causes hurt. 
 INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: unexpected sudden occurrences which bring loss or hurt in their place of work. It is an undesirable event that results from a contract with search energy (kinetic, electric, chemical and thermal energy) above the threshold limit of the body. Something.
 Industrial environment: an area where industrial activities are carried out. 
 LEGISTLATION: A law passed by government to protect something.
 Machine: this is a mechanical device used in carrying out production.
 MINOR ACCIDENT: this is that kind of accident that does not lead to death of human or product distraction.
 PRODUCTION: this is the process of producing or manufacturing goods. It deals with the creation of utility in an organization.
 SAFETY: The condition of being free or injuries. It is the state of freedom or protection from any form of danger to life of man and materials.
 SAFETY RULES: rules set aside to ensure safety and protection to human being and equipment.
 SAFETY BOOTS: this is an outer covering for foot and ankle made of leather or rubber which helps in protecting workers from hurt.
 SEMINAR: a class of meeting or studying for discussion of a particular topic just to educate people on something.
 ORGANISATION: a group of people who work together in other to achieve a particular goal. 
 SYMPOSIUM: Collection of easy by several persons or workers on a problems or subject conferences for discussion of a subject matter. 
 TRAINING: the process of giving teaching and practice to worker in order to bring them to a desired standard of behavior, efficiency or physical condition.
 UNSAFE ACT: this is an act of employee which increase his or her chance of accident in work place.
 MISHAP: a small accident or a minor accident that does not lead to serious accident.

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research


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