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This study is aimed at providing detached information on the contribution of purchasing research in public sector especially ministry at health Owerri.
Every attempt has been made over comprehensively all the migrants of purchasing and supply management in the contribution at purchasing research in public sector, ministry of health the research provided us clearly as possible all explanations derivation requited for a fair understanding of the topic.
Chapter one deals with introduction and background of the study, the statement of the problems the scope of the study and the objective of the study and the limitations.
Chapter two deals with literatures reviews on the research topic and application of existing fact to the requirement of the topic.
Chapter three deals with research methodology the method used in the data collection include primary and secondary data.
Chapter four deals on presentation and analysis of data.
Chapter five include summary conclusion and recommendation. 


The contribution of purchasing researches are undertaken to solve problems such as sudden shortages or an unacceptable rice increase, or in response to other exceptional situations such as a change in the law governing commercial transactions or in the rate of exchange.
The contribution of purchasing research is important because, it is a formal purchasing research programme serving as a procurement planning instrument the general objectives of such programme is to carry out in dept investigations and analysis for generating major improvement in purchasing decision making.

The recognition of the contribution of purchasing research in the industrial and technological development in Nigerian has principle accounted for significant economic development in Nigeria. The contribution of purchasing research is important because Nigeria is striving towards industrialization, purchasing research part of purchasing and the main pilot of commercialization plays a vital roles for its success by introducing various findings to effective purchasing strategies.
This brings us to focus on the contribution of purchasing research in public sector, purchasing research makes available information, a vital took for decision making which is function of management. The acquisition of information for decision making is achieved through researching, collecting and analysis of data obtained. It also involves going through old records as well as new ones to making comparisons and selections based on the finding. Purchasing research is a discipline approach to problems and prospects of ensuring efficiency and profitability in purchasing of goods and services. Purchasing research enable us to see the basic contribution this study will make towards effective and efficient method of harnessing our resources. This will make way for a speedy economic development of Nigeria. The purpose of project is to show clearly the contribution of purchasing research in public sector.

Naturally, every government establishment exists to achieve, predetermined co-operate objectives. The objectives are normally designed to protect the interest of the head of the establishment. Therefore, ministry of health as the public sector lives to achieve the economic interests of the government. To actualize the goal, the management should be effective, and efficient overtime in managing the scare resources of the government.
In as much as management recognizes the interest of the head of the establishment environment under which the government establishment operates should be taken into consideration. In other words, ministry of health cannot operate recognizing its social responsibilities to the rural dwellers.
Many government establishment springs up and suddenly folds as a result of various problem without reading their target objectives adequate men power resources misplacement of priority and mismanagement. These problem have given rise to series of development plan.
However, purchasing research is the determination of investigation into the unknown complete situation with a view to determining and binging out facets the can assist in failure planning and decision making processes. It is an investigation into the need of the people or consumer or patients with respect to goals and services so as to enable the government attain the noble ideal of the purchasing concept. Actually, all government establishment activities is conducted under condition of risks and uncertainty. The success or failure of any government establishment depends on many factors, economic forces, cutting competitive tendencies etc.
Purchasing decision are basically decisions about the future. The future is not easily known and that is why, health centre should be bale to slid analysis and interprets available information towards solving any problem that may come their way. These problems also enable us to extent in determining whether ministry of health create job opportunities to the people of the areas

Based on the negative attitude towards the application of the usefulness of purchasing research in the developing economics, the researchers aim in this paper is to shoe how useful and helpful the contribution of purchasing research could serve as a catalyst of change for better economic development in public sector with particular reference to the Nigeria economy
The following are the specific of this research work.
1. To determine the contribution of purchasing research in public sector especially in ministry of health in Imo state.
2. To find out how ministry of health has been able to create Job opportunities to the people of the area.
3. To identify the major problem that affects the operation of the government.
4. To suggest how the hospital should improve its operation in future.
5. To identify market research on competitors their medicine range, price promotion and distribution outlet, medicine package and advertising. 
6. To identify market research on medicine in determining which or patients complaints about the medicine presently in the market.

1 Is purchasing research important and useful for success of government? 
2. Can purchasing research help government to over come some of its problem in a distress economy.
3. What impact does purchasing research have on the profitability of the government?

This study tend to alert the management of ministry of health of the contribution of purchasing research it is also expected to create about the government contributions to their well being this will no doubts build a good co-operate image to the hospital within and outside the locality which will later sub off on its medicines. 
This study is also expected to highlight those factors that have hindered ministry of health to reach its target objectives this is also expected to enhance the understanding and tolerance among the employees and employers in the government. This will also help the hospital to give sympathy and co-operatives of the people in time of difficulties.
Purchasing research will also help lardy to influence and possibly decide not only the economic future of the world but also its intellectual,, social and political future.
Finally, purchasing research is one of the potential levels of conversing dangers into opportunity in peaceful way.

The geographical coverage of this study is Imo State, out of the numerous communities that make up federal medical centre Owerri were chosen for this study the essence of this study is to ensure greater efficiency and cost effectiveness of the research. This is chosen because researcher conducted there in the past have poor result and also they favour different of people.

This study is limited to Imo state and to the following constraints.
1. Financial constraint: In this researcher inadequate finance limit the area to cover during the research work.
2. Time constraints: There wee not enough time to carry out the research to other public sector in Imo State

1. The following terms used in this study are taken to mean the following.
2. Purchasing: Purchasing is a set of human activity directed of satisfying needs and wants through exchange process.
3. Purchasing research: This is defined as a systematic gathering recording and analyzing of data about problems relating to the purchasing of goods and services 
4. Analysis: Mean to get meaning out of the data 
5. Systematic: It is a step by step method of findings solution to a problem. 
6. Service purchasing: The purchasing process involving government that buy in other to provide services or these purchasing activities or process which involve the provision of service to customer through exchange process Hart N.A and Stapleon J. (1986). 
7. Serous: They are activities or benefits that one party can other to another that is intangible and does not result in the government of anything Kotter P (2003)
8. Insurance: This is one of the social sciences designed essentially for taking risk and risk taking involves uncertainty of loss. Benneth (1980)
9. Insured: Is the other party to the insurance contract who is entitled to be indemnified or compensated in monetary terms on the happening of event or contingency insured against Brandmaire M (1986)
10. Policy: This is a written or typewritten document which evidence the terms of insurance contract between the parities itnkwu J. O (1988).
11. Premium: This is the financial consideration paid by the insured to the insurer in return for the promise of the insurer Itukwu J.O (1988)
12. Insurance market: These refers to all the facilities available for the placing of insurer and the different kinds of professional risk bear insurer available Ayankoyi R. (1988) 
13. Market research: This is the process of making investigation into the characteristics of a given market Baker J.M
14. Purchasing function: this is all embracing term covers every contributory factor in the process or consideration to be the responsibility of purchasing management Hart N. A and Stapleton (1986) 
15. Purchasing information: The data and news relevant to purchasing operation. Ifezue A.N (1990).

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