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The Impact of Effective Classroom Management Control on the Academic Performance of Senior Secondary School. Case study of selected secondary schools in Bariga Local Government

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The Impact of Effective Classroom Management Control on the Academic Performance of Senior Secondary School. Case study of selected secondary schools in Bariga Local Government


This research work has been designed to investigate the problems affecting classroom management and control and identify the solution facing the problem. This is to enable the researcher suggest measure that would solve the problem affecting classroom management and control. Chapter one, deals with the background purpose and significance of the study, in chapter two, the researcher carries out the literature review by reading book and browsing work relating to the problem of various writers and researcher and their opinion appears to level support to my findings, chapter three deals with the various techniques adopting in getting fact of the study. The use of questionnaire and interviewing methods were adopted to get the information required. The population of the study is made up of one hundred and twenty students and twenty teachers. Data collected from questionnaire were converted into figures and percentages which were arranged in tabular form. These were then discussed in chapter four and some recommendations were made by the researcher.




To parents and society at large, the school is being held liable for every aspect of students’ performance. So, classroom management plays a very significant role in students’ academic performance. Effective classroom management put the teacher in firm control of the classroom and provide orderliness and safety needed for instruction and learning. Yet, the various reforms in education, like, the National Policy on Education of 1977, revised in 1981, 1998 and 2004 in Wali (2007), failed to mention or address classroom management and the connectivity between students’ academic performance and classroom management.

Classroom Management is one of the neglected areas in our secondary schools, despite the fact that the success or failure of any teaching and learning process depends on the way classroom are managed. Failure to effectively manage the classroom can have an overall negative influence on the entire school, especially in terms of sound academic performance of the school. When this happens other negative consequences follow such as the depletion of the student population of the school because parent/guardians prefer to enroll their children and ward in schools that are performing well academically.

Discipline, is one of the key variable of Classroom Management. Discipline is a function of the interaction between teacher and student that bring about self-control and respect for authority. (Ada, 2004). It entails creating and keeping rules based on reciprocal understanding limits that must not be breeched. What is common in the present time are students breeching the limits, turning violent in classroom, and exhibiting extreme unruly behavior. The result is a class full of arrogance and unruly student resulting in a noisy and chaotic classroom that does not support effective teaching and learning.

This situation agrees no-less with the observation of Martin and Sass, (2010), that over the years, classroom management has been observed to be issue for teachers. They continued that students’ performance has been affected in schools where discipline and behavior issues are not properly handled.

Marzono (2007) also express similar worry when he said that the importance of students feeling safe at school is linked to students’ learning. He said, without this feeling of safety, students will develop anxiety and become uneasy in the classroom. Safety and orderly environment protects students from physical and psychological harm and maintained order so learning can take place.

Another worrisome issue in the public secondary schools is that of teacher’s quality. Nonprofessional teachers’ are been recruited into the system. A professional teacher is one that has passed the Teacher Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) professional qualifying examination.

A qualified and professional teacher is more likely to change the life of the students by planting the seed of aspiration, noble goals and dreams in the heart of students and be a role model and show the way to greatness to students. A qualified and professional teacher is more likely to resolve and prevent conflict in the classroom, thus, bring about a better classroom environment conducive for teaching and learning, leading to better academic performance.

Poor classroom management may influence the academic performance of students negatively. It is therefore important that teachers learn to effectively manage their classrooms for a greater output. The academic performance of students these days have given many people serious concern. Our secondary school graduates cannot defend their certificates. This could be as a result of indiscipline exhibited by students in classroom such as lateness to classroom, noise making, and so on. Hence the need for classroom management that encompasses teachers’ efforts to oversee the activities of the classroom including student’s behavior, interaction and learning.


The poor or low level academic achievement, high failure rate in examinations such as West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), National Examination Council (NECO) etc. and low quality students that are turned out has called for very serious concern in the society. What could be responsible for this ugly trend, even when there are well trained and qualified teachers to teach effectively?

A closer look at the learning environment proof that something needs to be done to improve the academic performance of the students.

A conducive classroom is very important for learning, because without the feeling of safety, students will develop anxiety and become uneasy in the classroom. But what are prevalent in our public secondary schools are chaotic and un-conducive classrooms, an environment that is highly unlikely to enhance expansive teaching and learning. Against this background, this study will investigate the effect of classroom management and control on the academic performance of secondary school students in selected secondary schools in Bariga Local Government.


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of Classroom Management and control on the academic performance of secondary school students in selected secondary schools in Bariga Local Government. Specifically, the study sought to find out:

  • The influence of classroom discipline on the academic performance of the students.

  • The influence of use of classroom reward system on students’ academic performance.

  • The influence of the use of delegation of Authority in the classroom on students’ academic performance


The research questions of the study will be focus on the followings:-

  • Does class room management and control help pupils to have a good behaviors or is the untrained teacher better equipped with classroom control that the trained teacher?

  • Should discipline of child be left alone for the class teachers?

  • Does personality of a teacher has effect on teaching or does environment has influence in class room management and control.

  • Do inadequate teaching aids lead to fall in class room management?

  • Is it good for teacher to ask questions when teaching?

  • Should teacher remain seated in his/her seat during writing work?

  • Does teacher harshness in class make students to learn fast?

  • Does discussing of teachers in class during writing work distract?


The significance of this study among others includes the following:-

  • To ensure efficiency in the teaching method that is used.

  • To ensure adequate understanding of the subject matter by students

  • To ensure adequate discipline and control among student.

  • To help a teacher to manage his or her class effectively.

To achieve this, the life of the school must be based on the mutual respect for all its members and understanding of the difficulties and problems the face for the principal and teachers have responsibility for the whole area of working relations within the school community. The principal or head must seen to be all things to all people the heads door must never be closed to any students, parents, staff members, education, offices and policy makers and he/she must also be prepared to listen at any time to apparently trivial details which are of course of vital importance to complaints.


The scope of study will be limited to Case study of selected secondary schools in Bariga Local Government of Lagos state upon which questionnaire will be designed and distributed as if it from the major population of study.


This study will be limited to classroom management with its association problem. It will equal focus on the issue of control and discipline among pupils, which will lead to adequate solution to the problem of classroom.

Also in carrying out this research, the researcher did not investigate into the development orientation of individual pupils, hence whatever psychological factors that may have contributed to indiscipline behaviour in children are noted.


Education: is the training of the faculty it is the knowledge in order to be useful to the society which we belong. Also education can be define as the transmission of culture is dynamic it is always change

Teacher: a teacher is train to inform educate and train group of learners. A teacher can also be defined as a person who has a good knowledge of method. Principles and ability to adjust these to any given policy on education

Student: a student is a child undergoing a course of study instruction at a secondary school

Management: is the ability to utilize available resources to human and material things to work with. Also management can be seen as the use of theories and techniques that are most

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