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Gastro enteritis also knows as infections diarrhea, it can be defines as inflammations of the gastrointestinal tract that involves the stomach and small intestine.

Gastroenteritis is the inflammations of the stomach and intestine usually, causing upset that last for two or three days.

Enteritis epidemic diarrhea as if is also termed, summary diarrhea is an acute infection inflammations conditions of the intestine due to several organism it affect infant and children mainly under the age of two and most common during the hot months of the years when flies and dusts are present in great quality and when infections of food, particularly  milk is therefore most likely to occur the unset is sudden with diarrhea vomiting, toxemic and dehydrations infant admitted with this condition present with rapid pulse. Thread and compressible, dehydration isalso indicated by sunken eyes boat shaped. Abdomens sunken Fontanilla and inelastic skin, thirst prostration coma, and relief can be obtained the immortality rate will be high (Evelyn Pearce 2010).

Gastro enteritis is an infections of stomach, and bowel ( large intestine) cause by bacteria’s and virus ( google search 2013)

Bacteria such as shigella or pathogenicescherichacoli may be implicated but sometimes no pathogens are founds occasionallyviruses have been isolated from specimen of faces it is common among children of age but infants are especially at risk due dehydration and electrolyte imbalanceevely peace).

Gastro enteritis is an acute inflammation of the stomach and intestine microorganism such as salmonella bacillus, staphylococcus parasite. Ground worm (chemical irritant e.g excessive alcohol) rarely the condition may be

Attributed to allergies reaction to a certain food in drug this signs and symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting abdominal scrimp, abdominal tenderness and pain, fever and tencosytosi (Watson 2002).

the inflammation of the stomach and intestine usually cause sudden upset that last for two to three days dysentery typhoid fever, cholera,  food poison and travelers’ diarrhea are act forms of gastro-enteritis  the unless may be caused by any of a variety of bacteria, bacteria toxins, viruses and others organisms in food  and water, appetite loss, nauseas vomiting cramps and diarrhea are the usually sing and symptoms unset severity depend on the cause symptoms may be mild or so severe that dehydration, shock and collapse occur  mild cases usually require rest and rehydration therapy only, for severe cases treatment in hospital may be necessary with fluids given by intravenous infusion. Antibiotic drugs may be given for some bacterial infection but others need no specific treatment (medical dictionary first UK edition).

Gastro enteritis can  also be describe as one of the most fatal disease found in the tropics which is associated with dirty environment it is a very serious abdominal disease and during epidemic thousand die within a few days it is characterized by sudden onset toxemia, vomiting and frequent copious watery

Evacuation from the bowel resulting in repaid and extreme dehydration in children fluid is offering retain and may be evacuated

(Balitere Tinda) define gastro-enteritis as the inflammation of the stomach and intestine due to viral or bacterial infections infatile gastro enteritis is an acute condition of diarrhea and vomiting producing severe dehydration the cause may be dietetic, infection or parenteral when the condition is second to infections or elsewhere in the body e.gotitis media (Baliere Tindaln1992).

From my experience as a student in training in a primary health care centre in the rural areas where mothers bring their condition with extreme cases of gastro-enteritis the mothers usually attribute the cause to teething problem the fact is not the mode of transmission and presentation of gastro enteritis is not to many rural dwellers had stimulated me to do a research work on this topic in order to create awareness as to the cause made of transmission and prevention of the disease.


Gastroenteritis is a disease that affect all age group which include children, adult and old age and also infants all sex both male and female. The federal state and local government opened time and money in ensuring well sanitized water for human consumptions and proper environment sanitation which are the measure key in controlling gastro enteritis up on that gastroenteritis exist in the study area which cause and adverse effect in all age. Therefore I will like to find out the cause of particular disease in the study area.

1.3     purpose of the study

To know the complication and epidemiology of the disease

To know the factors in preventing the occurrence of gastro enteritis in the study area

To identify the cause of gastro enteritis in the study area.

To know the factors preventing the occurance of gastroenteritis in the area.

Health educated the community about the causes and preventive measure.

1.4     Significant of the study

          Studies have been shown that serious action has been take in reducing the rate of this disease.

Therefore I wish to research of this study will help to achieve the following;

The study will help the people to know the causes preventing control and treatment of gastro enteritis in the study area.

Government should be recommend to fight against gastro enterits or any water born disease in the study area.

1.5     Research question and hypothesis

Poverty be the basic major cause of causing gastro enteritis in the study area.

Does the ignorance be the factors of causing gastroenteritis?

Yes ignorance can be the factor causing gastroenteritis

Can contaminated water be a factor of causing gastroenteritis

Yes contaminated water is one of the factors causing gastro enteritis

Does improtected food ensuring gastroenteritis

Yes unwell protected food can cause gastroenteritis

Can gastroenteritis be cured

Yes it can be cured when treated correctly

Does unwell cooked food cause gastroenteritis

Yes unwell cooked food can lead to gastroenteritis

Is there particular season for gastroenteritis

No but gastroenteritis   occur mostly during the hot season.

Does behaviors of government attributed the increase of gastro enteritis in the area of the study

No if reduce the occurrence of the disease in the area

Does behavior of people in the area contribute to the occurrence of gastroenteritis

Yes behaviors of people contributed to the occurrence of gastroenteritis

Does gastroenteritis affect only infant

No if affect all age group

Can unhygienic environment contributed in occurrence of gastroenteritis 

Yes unhygienic environment contributed in occurrence of the disease

1.6     Scope of the study

The scope of this research covers the evaluation of gastroenteritis in Danwaire Street Barnawa Kaduna south local government under the following

Causative agent/vector / pathogens


Mode of transmission

Prevention and control




Sign and symptoms

1.7     Definition of terms

* Gastroenteritis: is the inflammations of gastroenteritis tract which are stomach and intestine

* Pathogen: this Is the organism that cause the disease

* Sanitation: this is an arrangement that to protect public health

* Transmission: mode of the spread of the disease

* Dysentery: an infection of the intestinal tract causing severe diarrhea with blood and mucus

* Diarrhea: the passing of soft watery stool greater than three times a days

* Inflammation: redness, swelling, heat and pain in a tissue due to injuring or infection

*Epidemic: the appearance of a particular disease in a very large number of people during the same period of time

* Stomach: it’s an organism in body where food is digested.

* Infection: to cause disease in (someone) by introducing organism such as bacteria and virus.

1.8     The limitation of the study

The limitation of this study cover is knowing the causes, preventing sign and symptoms incubations period as well as treatment of gastroenteritis in the research study of danwaire street barnawakaduna south

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research


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