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The study was designed to determine the incidence of gastro-enteritis in Danwaire street Kaduna south local government of Kaduna state of Nigeria aims and objective were set up in order to achieve this study along with research question hypotheis, literature reviewed on the incidence of gastroenteritis in Dan waire Street Barnawa and how it can be controlled and prevented, the research design was survey design method and the population of the study area was fifty thousand (50,000) out of which one twenty (120) of the population was randomly selected and used to data collection using questionnaire which were validated and tested for reliability. Data were present and analysis using table and percentage, conclusion was drawn based on the finding of the research, the causes of gastroenteritis in the study area is as a result of ignorance, unhygiene and drinking of contaminated water and food and rate of typhoid is on all age group.

also recommendation were made to the community government, health workers. should engage the habit of purifying water before consumption so as to reduce. the spread of disease in the study area, and also to provide free drug becuases of the high price of the drug. 

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