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          This project which is on the design and fabrication of a two face gas burner is a brief exploration on the various ways and means of designing, construction, operating the two face gas burner, putting cost into consideration for economic advantage.  Herein are brief information and literature on gas burner.  The properties of the constructional feature and their preference in construction are described.  The combustion reaction resulting to the heat liberated is also given.  Also, the practical approach in making the construction of a two face gas burner up to this standard is also given and recommendation to improve on the standard is also included in this report.



The construction of a two-face gas burner as a project topic that we embark upon become necessary as a way of way of putting into application the engineering and technological knowledge acquired so far. It is a starting point of actualizing a functional technology in the country. Irrespective of the fact that there are several breads of gas burners in the market, especially the ones imported, we deemed it necessary to work further on it as a way of modifying the brand with cast not left out in such modification.  


The development of simple gas burner started in the eighteen countries when people began to use coal gas for burning. The application was fast put into practice by William Mulock who designed the simple gas cooker to be used in his office, home and workplace

          The first experimental gas cooker was made and in use in 1850. The improvement of this has multiplied greatly and is up to date widely used in homes, restaurants and large catering establishments. The different types of gas cookers available in the in the market are based on skills and techniques of the designer or producer.

          Based on the nature of energy supply, some gas cookers are made up of combustion devices of an electric heating element. The well-constructed ones are properly adapted and form an integral combustion of which of which they generate and utilize heat. It is often quite different to draw a line where heat generation stops and where heat utilization starts in a fuel forced cooker. That is the fuel fired cooker being on the pack in the market these days.

          The releasing of heart starts with mixture of air and fuel gas in the nozzle and combustion of the mixture to release heart takes place at the burner.


          In the course of fabricating the two-face gas burner, as a copied project with some propose modification, some condition which ought to be met are found as a standard of comparison with the already existing ones. This posed a difficulty in the course of this construction. Since choice between already existing gas cooker lies on service available, durability, connivance cost.

          The following specifications were considered a problem when we started the design.


How to fabricate a two-face gas burner that will occupy the minimum space in the kitchen was a problem. A two-face gas burner that is easily to be met in met in our design.

2.                 To construct a two-face gas burner that will be safe to any prospective user.

3.                 To constructs a two-face gas burner that will be easy to maintain and wise gas will be free from unpleasant smell.

4.                 To construct a two-face gas burner whose source of energy (fuel) will be local.


1.                 Burner chamber

2.                 Linkage pipe

3.                 Hose

4.                 Gas Cylinder (containing gas valve)

5.                 Angle bar (material)

6.                 Control knob or valve

7.                 Connection pipe for gas flow

8.                 Nut

9.                 Rod.

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