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Knowledge could only be obtained successively by the use of books for research. This can be achieved only by preserving books already purchased. As a result we fabricate a metallic shelf made up of metallic sheet. Precisely mild steel sheets. The mild steel used for the fabrication of the shelf is 1.5mm (16gauge) mild steel. 
The shelf is made up of 3 partition. In fabricating the metallic shelf several process where involved. We plundered on the material to be used that can hold the number of the books i.e. the strength of the material.
Thereafter accurate measurements of the mild sheets were made we also considered the rigidity of the metallic shelf. This led us to using square pipes for the support of the shelf. The square pipes were also measured to give the dimensions use.
The already cut square pipes were used form the frame by welding it together. Then the already measured and cut mild sheets were also welded to the frame. The doors are made up of the square pipes and wire gauze welded together. The shelf was also painted to give good outlook after smoothening and filling. Rollers were also fixed beneath to enhance good and easy movement of the shelf due to its weight. 


A bookshelf is an invention with partitions where books and files are packed in offices, libraries and even homes. 
A bookshelf can be made of wooden material or even glass materials. They could be dismountable and undismountable. In our own case we decided to fabricate an undismountable metallic bookshelf. Certain advantages were considered before embarking on the construction of the undismountable metallic bookshelf. An undismountable metallic bookshelf of built wire metals have a longer life span and will serve its purpose. Also loss of parts many dismountable bookshelves led us into considering one with the parts intact. Therefore we decided to construct the undismountable type. 
This type of bookshelf is fabricated although with metals. The metal used is the mild steel. Squares were also used for the framework being welded together. The importance of the skeletal framework is for it to withstand stress that will be created by the load on the material. 
In fabrication, the frame was first erected before making the sides and the partitions with the mild steel material. The mass and volume of the books to be contained by the partitions were considered before they were erected.

The description of the bookshelf is as shown in fig. 1 it is made up of the following parts. 
1. The sides
2. The back
3. The partitions
4. The framework
5. The front.
1. The Side
The sides to the bookshelf is as shown in the drawing. It is made up of the square pipe frame and the mild steel. Material welded to it. Each side is specially designed to act as the support in carrying the load under any stress the load displays on the system. The sides are bent at 900 to each other, giving the system a more rigid framework. 
The side measures 1219.2mm by 457.2mm and 15 gauge. They welded to the partitions at an angle 900 to each either. This creates a more flat and straight partitions. 
2. The Back
The back of the bookcase is shown in the figure provided. It is made of the same metallic mild steel used for the sides. It is welded to the square pipe fame and the sides at an angle of 900. Its measurement is 1219.2mm by 914.4mm. 
Since the back serves as a cover sort of to the system, a metallic sheet with a higher thickness is choose so as to withstand rust, corrosion intensity and the weight of the system. That was why we choose the materials that is 16 gauge mild steel (1.5mm). 
3. The Partitions
The bookshelf was fabricated to have 3 partitions. The partitions showed according to the figure measuring 863.6mm breath, 355.6mm height and 427.2mm deal. The partition has equal dimensions (given above). The material used for the partitions is 1.5mm(16 gauge) mild steel material, and the square pipes for the frame. This is so because each partition is fabricated to carry a load of about 85kg. The partition is welded to the square pipe bar frame. 
4. The Frame 
The frame is the skeleton of the whole system. It is made of 25.4mm (1-inch) square pipe. This frame was first extracted together by welding before the sheets for the sides, back and partitions were attached to it. 
The frame was fabricated to withstand the stress that will be exerted on it by both the sheets and the load. The tensile stress the will be exerted on the frame was also considered. 
The volume of partition is;
863.6mm x 457.2mm x 355.6mm
= 140404364.4mm3 
The Area of the partition = 355.6mm x 457.2mm
= 162580.32mm2
5. The Front
The front is made up of the cover, which was fabricated to enable safety of the books kept in it. It is made up of square pipes of 25.4mm (1-inch) and wire gauge welded to it. The width is 381mm by 330.mm from in to in. The outside of the frame i.e. square pipe to the other is 431.8mm.

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