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The power of communication as an agent of change cannot be overemphasized. The current age of communication is regarded as the information age. This is the age when the vehicle of mass communication comprising of television, radio and print media have become imperative to the development of all. Radio has been singled out as the most effective instrument for rural dwellers, thus making its advantages over other media in comparable in terms of coverage portability, cost effectiveness, etc. Even, government in this current political dispensation have taken giant strides towards integrating the rural dwellers into the scheme of things. In other words, efforts are being geared by the government in bringing its programme, policies and government closer to the rural dwellers.

Radio is a very effective tool for disseminating entertaining, informative and educational programmes to rural dwellers. This communication, through the radio can be referred to as purposive communication because the information sent is meant to mobilize the listeners. Radio is the only tool of mass communication that is cheap, cost effective and affordable in the economic situation of developing countries. The radio is also versatile because it can be used to transmit messages and information in different languages. For instance, when one is broadcasting or transmitting messages to people, you can use radio and broadcast in the language of their choice. This research is thus conducted to know the influence of radio on the rural community and the level of achievement of these medium of communication. The growth and development of people in rural areas depend on how communication and information flow between the media houses and its publics. For development to occur, the people in rural areas must be fed with information that will keep them alive to happenings in urban areas, through the media, especially the radio. Since they cannot all be in the urban areas every time. The aim of radio broadcast is to inform, educate and entertain and also to make large numbers of people most especially in the rural areas get involved in doing something in common with people in the urban areas. This is where there will be a need for communication to take place so as to achieve it. It has been however observed that, man by nature can always get mobilized through constant effective communication. Indisputably, the role of radio broadcast is the heart of people in any developed and mobilized rural area. its function and position is inevitable when talking about the development of rural and urban areas.

1.2   Statement of research problem

The rapid growth of radio stations has raised concerns over whether they are serving the public interest or the interests of advertisers and their profit minded owners. On one hand, there are people who argue that radio is a conduit of Western cultural products like music and advertisements, which are suppressing development oriented local content. On the other hand, there are those who believe that radio has taken the government and its policies closer to the people than in the days back, and therefore helped to raise the level of awareness among the rural people, on government policies, national and international events, etc. The fact is that radio broadcast play significant roles in the dissemination of information especially on the issue of insecurity, new laws and policies and the development of rural areas in delivering important news content.

1.3       Objectives of the study

The primary objective of the study is as follows

1.    To find out if there is a radio station in Eruwa town

2.    To examine if radio as an instrument of information dissemination has been effective in  dissemination of information in Eruwa

3.    To examine the roles which the radio station is supposed to play in order to facilitate the development of our rural communities

4.    To find out how to improve radio station information dissemination in Eruwa town

1.4       Research questions

The following questions have been prepared for the study

1)    Is there a radio station in Eruwa town?

2)    Has radio as an instrument of information dissemination  been effective in  dissemination of information in Eruwa?

3)    Are there roles which the radio station is supposed to play in order to facilitate the development of our rural communities?

4)    Can  radio station be improved in the  information dissemination in Eruwa town?

1.5       Research hypothesis

H0:  radio as an instrument of information dissemination have not been effective in  dissemination of information in Eruwa.

H1:  radio as an instrument of information dissemination have been effective in  dissemination of information in Eruwa.

1.6       Significance of the study

The significance of this study cannot be underestimated as:

l  This study will examine impact of radio broadcast on rural areas communities

l  The findings of this research work will undoubtedly provide the much needed information to government organizations, radio stations, broadcasting commission and academia.

1.7       Scope of the study

The study will examine the impact of radio broadcast on rural areas communities. Hence, the study will be delimited to  Eruwa town in Ibarapa Oyo state

1.8       Limitations of the study

This study was constrained by a number of factors which are as follows:

 just like any other research, ranging from unavailability of needed accurate materials on the topic under study, inability to get data

Financial constraint , was faced by  the researcher ,in getting relevant materials  and  in printing and collation of questionnaires

Time factor: time factor pose another constraint since having to shuttle between writing of the research and also engaging in other academic work making it uneasy for the researcher

1.9       Operational definition of terms

Radio broadcast:  transmission of audio sound, sometimes with related metadata, by radio waves intended to reach a wide audience

Rural area: an open swath of land that has few homes or other buildings, and not very many people.

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