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This study considered and sought to find out the causes and problems of prostitution among youths in Obollo Afor community of Udenu Local Government Area in Enugu State. Five research questions were developed in consonance with what the study sought to find out. Questionnaire and oral interview were used to elicit the required information from married and unmarried people. Two hundred people were the respondents and out of this, one hundred and fifty (150) were unmarried while fifty (50) were married men and women. The responses were presented in tabular from using (x) mean. Findings from the study indicated that poverty, unemployment, inadequate up bringing and broken homes were responsible causes of prostitution. 


1.1 Introduction 

Prostitution has been viewed as a social taboo for a nation both developed and undeveloped. Are, Iffih and Gibben (1997) pointed out that prostitution is contrary to the culture norms and values of the society. According to Academic American Encyclopedia (1980) “The practice of prostitution dates back to the medieval period”. It is not only associated with the modern world and it’s technology.
The history of the Romans stipulated that prostitution is subjected to public mockery where they are made to dance naked in the public before they are subjected to other punishment. However, prostitution According to Obienye in (2003) is the act of indulging to sexual intercourse for money. According to Academic Encyclopedia (1980) prostitution is the sale of sexual services.
A prostitute is an individual who engage in sexual activities with strangers or other persons with whom the individual has no affectionate relationship but in exchange of money or other valuable materials that are given at or near the times of the act (Paul, 1981). However, the rapid increase of this business in our country Nigeria can be attributed to poverty, unemployment, inadequate parental upbringing. 
Poverty according to Adejo (1985) is the absence of fundamental human needs and expectation.
It is the inability to provide materially for oneself and family. Most times, some people go into prostitution in order to meet up with their needs. However, there are other causes and consequences of prostitution which this study aims at finding out.

1.2 Statement Of The Problems 
Prostitution is one of the social vices which is common in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State and in Nigeria in general. 
Inspite of it, contamination in all quarters including the church has continued to be on the increase, the resultants consequences is the unabated spread of sexually transmitted diseases e.g. AIDS, HIV and candidiasis. Despite all these problems encountered by the people who engage in prostitution, people still indulge in the and so we tends to investigate this problems to find out solutions. 

1.3 The Purpose Of Study 
1. To identify the causes of prostitution. 
2. To identify the problems associated with prostitution. 
3. To identify the effect of prostitution on the Obollo Afor.
4 To determine the social class of people in prostitution. 
5. Suggest solution to the problems of prostitution.

1.4 Significance Of The Study 
This study will be of significant to the parent and to the society. It will help the parent to know the teenager need generally for the proper upbringing of their children in the scene that when they are given adequate care during the tender age, they will not deviate from it. It will be of benefit to the teenager in that case they will be careful in making choice of friends because, most of these problems normally associated with the type of friend they keep.
It will help the interested reader (Public) to be aware of health problems associated with prostitution and also make every effort to be innocent of such act. 
This study will also benefit to all the people of Udenu Local Government especially the rural communities to get acquainted with the problems of prostitution so that they will know what to do to eradicate prostitution in their communities.

1.5 Research Question
1. What is Prostitution? 
2. What are the causes of prostitution?
3. What are the problems?
4. How can prostitution be stopped in Obollo Afor Community?

1.6 Scope Of The Study 
The study will be limited to sample drawn from only Udenu Local Government Area. The sample will be drawn from five communities in Udenu local government of Enugu State. This are Amalla community, Ohulor community, Obollo-Eke community, Obollo Etiti community and Obollo Affor community. This sample will be obtained from unmarried people, literate and illiterate ones.

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