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The advent and advances made in computer technology in the twenty-first century has generally increased the speed and the capacity of various geoinformation and map-making processes. The improvements have revolutionized the map-making process, which has metamorphosed into the widely acknowledged of the use of ARCGIS 9.2. ARCGIS 9.2 has tremendously transformed the traditional (analogue) method of map-making. Round the world, ARCGIS9.2 is continuously being applied in achieving high precision street guide maps for a variety of purposes. However in Nigeria, the full potentials of such modern technologies and science are  to be realized.

In achieving this, a Analogue map of part of Birnin Kebbi metropolis was obtain from Kebbi urban development Authority (KUDA) which was scanned in order to convert it from analogue to Digital map which can be use and also a Google image of part of Birnin Kebbi covering the entire area of the project was save as alibekjoe (jpeg format) which copy into the flesh drive and latter on been transfer to the laptop computer hp(930).

Coordinate of the part of the area was obtain through hand held GPS that will be use for geo-referencing comparing them with those on the ground.

A spatially referenced street guide map showing various essential information in the study area such as streets names, street index; important features and services such as schools, hotels, Church, hospitals, Government, and High court of justice was produced in the process. It is expected that the result will among other things boost tourists’ experience in the state, which are often hampered by the unavailability and often times outdated analogue street maps of the city. The results will also be of immense help to the general management and administration of the local government council through the provision of up-to-date information on the location of utilities and services in the state.



Maps are spatial model of the earth’s surface or is a mathematically determine presentation of a portion of the earth surface systematically plotted to scale upon a plan surface. It plays a vital role in the world through aiding decision making and policy formulation processes aiding tourism and general navigation. There are different types of maps

  • Plan metric map,
  • Topographic map,
  • Plastic map,
  • Photographic map
  • Photo mosaic map
  • Geographic map,
  • Guide map
  • Thematic map

Maps are therefore designed to provide adequate information to all categories of users to enable them come to reasonable decisions. Their uses are

  • Rural, urban and regional planning
  • Assessment and paying of taxes
  • Organizing census
  • Appraisal, conservation and development of agriculture
  • Useful in commerce, industry, fisheries e t c
  • Analyzing and forecasting of weather
  • Control of transportation.

This project work will emphasis on street guide map. What is street guide map? Why do we need street guide? These will be the target of discussion in this chapter. Street guide map focuses on the determination of the position or location of street in an area especially the urban area, presenting the information in a two dimensional format to serve as guide to important locations. Advance in computer technology increase the speed and the capacity of various geo-information and map making processing.

Use of the street guide map

Complete streets guide map can be use for tracking criminals which will enhance paramilitary. Complete streets guide map can be use to locate close shopping complex within the vicinity. Complete streets guide map can be use for fire service to aid the closes location where there attention his need. Complete streets guide map can indicate where army barracks, police station and prison yard is. Complete streets guide map can indicate where emir palace is.

Complete streets can offer many benefits in all communities, regardless of size or location. Complete streets guide map make economic sense. A balanced transportation system that includes bolster economic growth and stability by providing accessible and efficient connections between residences, schools, parks, public transportation, offices, and retail destinations.

Map making in Nigeria has necessary caught up to the new trend  many state and local government agencies still on traditional maps thus the need for a street guide is to strongly demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of adopting the new trend and The improvement on both the speed and quality of map making. The computer has change both the mapping process and the maps as a concept the ideal of map making as increase the volume of the map as a source of environment information for all types of planning and decision making. Furthermore, there has been an increase in the demand for high quality hard copy and digital map in recent times thus the need for the capability or capacity of producing high precision and quality map within a reasonable time frame and at a greatly reduce production cost.

The improvement has revolutionized the map making process through computer aided cartography. (CAC)

  • Flexibility in the mapping process
  • Reduced vulnerability of maps to dimension distortion (expansion or shrinkage
  • Capacity to respond to the increasingly complex and diverse requirement in Geoinformation product.
  • Simplified and faster map revision process
  • Quick and easy linkage to database (geo database) and subsequently to geographic information system. (GIS)

In this study CAC is being advocated as a way forward in the map making in developing countries in order to quicken and improve map production process through increased precision accuracy quality and productivity among others

Statement of problem Kebbi is known for its famous Argungu festival, the seat of various tradition artifacts which became a centre of attraction for tourist from all over the world. Tourist on arrival find it difficult to locate important places in the state capital (Birnin Kebbi)  such as   hotels, banks rest houses, market, parks, hospitals, schools, market, churches, police station, emir palace army barrack and mosque e.tc. This project seek to find solution to this problems by providing a street guide map which will lead tourist, or those visiting Birnin Kebbi for the first time and dwellers where necessary.

1.1       AIM   

The aim of this project is to produce a street guide map of part of Birnin Kebbi metropolis.

1.2       OBJECTIVES

  • To get an image or map covering of the study area
  • To pick feature on the ground using hand held GPS for updating the map
  • Scan the analog map using Ao scanner and import it to Arc gis9.2 environment
  • Prepare table for attribute data
  • Link attribute with raster.

1.3       SCOPE OF THE STUDY   

The extent of this project will involve the execution of street guide mapping of part of Birnin Kebbi metropolis covering the Jega roundabout, Waziri Umaru federal polytechnic Gesse Campus, Banyan Kara and Badariya.

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