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Online Sim Card Registration

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Online Sim Card Registration


This project is actually explaining about the importance of online sim cards registration, which has contributed more effectively towards in reduction of phone crime in Nigeria. The Nigeria communication commission (NCC), has taken a drastic method in putting a stop of every criminal act made, in the use of mobile phone. The sim registration process, has not only help in finding out every illegal or criminal act committed by various individuals, but also has contributed to the nation (Nigeria), in knowing the volume or the number of persons using a sim mobile phones. This process has also help telecommunication operators or industries in finding out the specific crime made in the use of sim mobile phones. For example, knowing the exact location, address, name, place and even time of calls made by the individual will be trace out. The Association of Telecommunication companies of Nigeria (ATCON) went into debate by asking the various communication operators to choose between the security of the country and their business. This actually came into conclusion for the sim card registration to take effect.




In line with directives from the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) and as part of efforts  to have a credible database and as through Sim  card Subscribers in Nigeria, MTNN, will be laughing the MTNN  Sim Card Registration. The MTNN Sim Card Registration process is amid at capturing detailed information of all MTNN Nigeria Subscribers.

 This became a necessity as a result of the increasing frequency with which mobile phones are being used in criminal activities in the country. This is expected to serves as the primary source of indentify verification of all MTNN customers. The sim card registration will enable MTNN link every sim card to the identity of the actual owner. Details to be captured during the sim card.

Registration process is:

Subscriber name


Alternate phone number

Pass port- sized photograph

Left and right thumb print

Left and right index finger print

Personal unlocking key

in addition to the information above, the registration process will include the customer that want to register an MTNN sim card appearing in a person to enable actual capturing of the photograph and biometric (finger print).  Registration points will be deployed nation wide levering on designated MTNN sim registration points nation wide e.g. MTNN walk –in centers, connect stores designated post offices, trade partners nationwide est.  Nigeria authorities are fighting against  telecommunication crimes, then telecommunication industries like the MTNN, AIRTEL,GLOBACOM, ETISALAT and other communication industries , are required to registered the details information of their customer’s .


Telecoms companies in Nigeria have started a massive subscriber information module (sim) registration exercise in compliance in Nigeria communication commission (NC C).

 During the week in Lagos, Abuja , Port-Harcourt,  Benin, Owerri  Enugu and others states in Nigeria sim    registration teams from networks including ZAIN, GLOBACOM,AIRTEL and MTNN were seen in strategic location including the lagos state secretariat, market places and other office complexes with their plastic chairs and tables including laptop computers with camera’s. they explained to mobile phone subscribers of the passer by, the essence of the exercise and proceeded to record finger prints, photographs, date of birth and state of origins of many.

      The purpose of the sim registration exercise is to have a proper records phone user’s for security reasons, so that in case of the use of a phone for criminal or other anti-social conduct, the culprit can be traced in the same vein, Nigerians who wish to purchase and activate new mobile phones in the country are finding that the provider companies are asking to take the photographs and finger prints for proper identification, at that point of purchase. These are currently over 78.5%   millions actives pho. Over 90% of these lines n the country are not yet registered the country’s telephone networks had been purchasing equipment and training  personal for months to effect the registration of sim cards directives, some of the network has been  sending text messages to there subscribers sensitizing of thee network, like visa phones have been sending text messages to there subscribers and existing subscribers of the visa phone must registered there mobile line with finger print and photograph which will be captured iat the point there line registration. For example

  “Dear customer, as mandated by the Ncc when you purchase a new                                                      

     Visa phone sim, your finger print and photograph will be captured 

       At the point of purchase to register your line. Thank you.”


 The Nigeria communication commission (NCC) had ealier  said  that the exercise would require further verification with e- passports or drivers licenses or tax card and company identification cards with pension or tax numbers. Network operators have been apprehensive that sim registration would reduce or slow down subscribers number and uptake as well as attendant revenue   as have been witness in other African countries such as south Africa that have carried out sim registration exercise.

       For this reasons a high powered delegation held there last meeting on the 16th of June 2010, discussed on the protection of their interests in the telephone operators to conduct the registration of sim cards themselves as against having it done exclusively by external consultants as originally proposed.

            Industry watchers anticipate that sim registration will finally makes a distinction in the numbers of active telephone lines and actual number of subscribers as many people are known to carry more than one line. They say it will also create hundreds of jobs opportunity and training for man power of the six months duration set by the NCC for the exercise. The network operators have a nation poor on record keeping observers had anticipate the generation of substantial financial cost to the government, were to bear the decision to allow the network operators conduct the exercise themselves.   


The MTNN sim card registration process has been targeted at all new existing customers on the MTNN Network both prepaid and post paid, mostly by making sure that unlawful act towards in the use of telephone will be monitored it also help  in the followings.

.registered the details of all new customers on the network in compliance with NCC requirements.

. Collect customer’s information for all MTN Nigeria subscribers.

. Help in tracking down every criminal calls made by the subscribers (customer).


This project looks into the processes involved in keeping a compressive tracking down of every illegal and criminals calls made received by subscribers or customers using the MTNN sim cards in these unlawful ac, as in line with NCC demand for telecommunication industries in Nigeria.


This study will not look in details into other sections of the sim registration except the only part explained MTNN sim registration it does not explained on the other section of telecom operators but rather explained on the other section aforementioned.


The study gave birth to a new strategic method of dealing with criminal minded individuals who engage themselves in fraud let act of a help to fight against telecommunication crimes in Nigeria and also to create a strong database for security and help enhanced customer management.


 SIM: subscriber identity module (SIM) card is a smart card inserted into a cell phone that holds card inserted with personal information relating to the subscribers personal identity number or stored phone numbers.

 SUBSCRIBER: - Is a customer or a person, company who purchases goods and services from another person organization.


Database, is any collection of data organized for storage in a computer memory and designed for easy access by authorized users. The data may be in the form of text, numbers, or encoded graphics

NCC:  Nigeria communication commission, they brought out by helping to conduct and maintain sanctity on the telecom operators in Nigeria.

PIN NUMBER: Is a personal identity number is basically provided for subscriber making use of the subscriber’s identity module (SIM), for private used for the subscriber.

PUK NUMBER: It is a personal unblocking key every telecom operators provides this PUK for subscriber’s in the industry

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