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This Project Design and Implementation of Orientation Camp Information System (A Case Study of NYSC Orientation Camp Akwa Ibom) was designed to eliminate the  problems associated  with  manual  handling of information  at the  Orientation  Camp  such  as: data  redundancy, time  wastage  etc. Enrolling students into the orientation camp is a very difficult, critical, and important process. Managing all formalities is a very complex and sophisticated process. In the old, conventional method, i.e. the manual registration system, communication between different parties working within the camp is very difficult. Lack of technologies used in orientation activities obstructs dealing with it in a modern and simplified way. The main outcome is to computerize everything related to the orientation camp exercise. To do so, the top down software development approach is to be used to study the new system requirements, analyze it, design, implement, and finally test and deploy it. After the deployment of the new system and working with it, all the problems referred to were solved; this is done by adopting the Online Registration System which helped a lot in reducing the errors resulted in different ways and which in turn afferent the correctness of the corps information itself.

As a further work, some features might be added, such as adding SMS support, adding AJAX functionality to the website to increase response time, and to create a bulletin board system, that might enable different parties working with the system to interact and communicate with each other easily.



Until recently, the processing of orientation camp information of corps members was done manually and this has had some negative effects on the corps.

For instance, the delay in the manual processing of corps information such as submission of call up letters, presentation of your last institution ID card and presentation of your original certificate/statement of results for screening, data on which routine is time consuming. this is because of the volume of data on which routine task performed is relatively very large.  This results in inaccuracy and slow processing.  The data that is being manipulated must be reliable and this requires a reliable system.  This intensifies the need to provide a sophisticated machine that will help in the processing for convenience.

The system with its advanced features in storage processing and retrieval make this processing very easy.

With the aid of the computer system retrieval and editing and of documents and all problems of the manual processing will be a thing of the past 


The national youth service corps (NYSC) is an organization set by the Nigerian government to involve the country’s graduates in the development of the country. There is no military conscription in Nigeria, but since 1973 graduates of universities and later polytechnics have been required to take part in the national youth service corps (NYSC) program for one year. This is known as national service year, corps members are posted to cities far from their city of origin. They are expected to mix with people of other tribes, social and family backgrounds, to learn   the culture of the indigenes in the place they are posted   to. This action is aimed to bring about unity in the country and to help youth appreciate other ethnic groups. There   is an orientation period of approximately three weeks spent in a camp away from family and friends. After the orientation process corps members are posted to the areas of primary assignment. There is also a passing out ceremony at the end of the year. The program has also helped in creating entry-level jobs for a lot of Nigerian youths. An NYSC forum dedicated to NYSC members was recently built to bridge the  gap  amongst members serving  across Nigeria  and  also serves as an avenue for corps members to share job information and  career  resources  as well  as get loans from  the  national directorates of employment.


This project was titled the “design and implementation of N.Y.S.C orientation camp information system” is aimed at entrancing the process of processing the data of corps members in the orientation camp. The processes involved in the process are still being done manually and manual way of posting has some negative effects as follows:

1.The manual system makes retrieval of stored  information very slow and difficult

2. Usually duty is labour intensities and time consuming. This is because the volume of data on which task are performed is relatively very large. 

3. There may be omission of information 

4.There may also be loss of vital information 


The purpose of this study is to enhance the posting of coppers to service by the use of a computerized system rather than the manual system that make is work is work difficult. 

To identify the problems of the existing system. 

To provide solution alternatives to the operations inherent in the existing system. 

And to design a new system that will take care of the problems of the existing system. 


The primary aim of this project work is to study the existing system of posting of coppers and produce a computerized design for automatic processing. Therefore, the objective this study sets 

1.  To design an information system that makes data access easy for corps members.

2. To design a system that can automatically post corps members to their areas of primary assignment.

3. To design a system that can help the NYSC management to supervise corps members.


This project covers the design and implementation of information system for the NYSC orientation camp (A case study of Akwa Ibom)


The good reason why this project is done is to provide an efficient method of handling corps members’ data at the orientation.


The study met with a lot of difficulty in the collection of information time constraints was one of the limiting factors in carrying out this study. This was because of the fact that the restoratives are students; it was done in consummation with normal class work.

During the research there were financial constraints.

Time and energy was also spent in trying to design the system. 


The new computer design will lessen the time and energy serpent in compilation during posting of coppers. We sincerely hope that the computer will be able to give name –age- sex. There are the primary assignments of the entire coppers in Nigeria if information is well computerized. 


Computer: The electronic device/machine that accepts data (input, processes it and give desired output.

Corp member: A person that graduated in a recognized university or any other betrays institution within or outside the country. 

Posting: The form of sending people to their various places of study in accordance with their respective areas of specialization 

Program: A set instructions combined together to perform specific task  

Manual processing: - This is the process by which office activates are carried out directly by human beings without the help of computer 

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