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This research work problem into the place of impact of road network in the selling of agricultural products in Nigeria Anambra State. This study tries to identify the causes of road network in the selling of agricultural product, in addition of this research work in summary. Chapter one; this work entails the introduction, back ground of the study, statement of problems, purpose of the study, significance of the study, area of the study. Chapter two: this work entails with the review of related literature. Chapter three; summary of research design methodology, sample size and technology, method of data collection, methods of distribution of questionnaire, chapter four; it equally goes with presentation and analyzing of data. Chapter five; summary of the research findings testing of hypothesis, recommendation and conclusion.



         Food production is geographically disposed and it is not an easy work, like food production centers with the production center.

         The Nigerian food industry for example depends on the distribution of food it produces. Most of the food produced cannot get to the market due to the acute road network difficulties that will serve the food industry. Food production therefore depend upon road network for the creation and preservation of their values. The effect and the importance of road was critically investigated in this study with a particular product in Njikoka Anambra State Nigeria.

         Food production is one of the priority facing most of the world’s people today. It is also a problem that may worsen rapidly in the years ahead.

         According to the Food Agricultural Organization (FAO), food production of the developing countries will increase by a staggering 125% by 2010. On the other hand, problems relating to rural penetration have contributed to wooing the world and particular Nigeria Agriculture.

         It is because of the above problems that the government must intensify efforts to improve the road networks especially in the rural areas.

Collection and individual efforts should be directed towards fighting a war against hunger and the provision of road network to allocate the agricultural products. Investment decision in agricultural policy can help to ensure supply of additional food and its distribution to consumers.


         Since the early years of man, agriculture and road network have always co-existed together due to the source of food and other economics products must be accessible for the collection distribution to market port and factories.

It is important that adequate and effective road network should be introduced or encouraged to achieve the modern food selling system objectives. Transportation is therefore to serve as a means of marketing goods. In Njikoka Anambra State, most of the network do not pass within the agricultural areas and thereby hinder agricultural progress. In some rural areas, most of the road network which passes through agricultural areas from farm to the market places is often too bad all the years for easy transportation. Most of these feeders road networks are interfaced narrow, poorly drained that they prevent easy access to the interlard where the majority of the farmers are located.

         There are also the problems of maintenance, adequate executive capacity suitable materials and management where the road networks are in fair conditions.

         Beside the poor condition of the feeder road network delay in transport, bad loading and offloading and rough handling goods result to great damages spoilage and deterioration of products.

          Poor road network also has the additional effect of preaching from the specializing in the corps that offer attempt to keep his family supplied with all their needs and therefore retains food than he adequately needs. This is because if he runs shortage, it will be difficult to tap other resources and this entails. Higher cost as a result of road network. It often poses a problem because urban dwellers will be faced with shortage of food staff and other essential goods manufactured from agricultural materials these problems will hinder the ability to import system of land use for agricultural production.

         If agriculture is to respond to the growing demand then it will be necessary to involve a good progressive rural structure with rural roads to quicken and reduce the cost of the flow of agricultural commodities, information and ball sort of rural services to enable contribute meaningfully to generate growth.


         The general objective of this study is to determine the impact of road network on the selling of agricultural products in Anambra State. A case study of Njikoka Local Government in Anambra State.

The objectives of this study are to:

  1. Identify those factors that all directly and indirectly related to the selling of agricultural products and to what extent they have contributed to the rise and fall of agricultural products.
  2. Determine the extent which road transport system has affected the selling of Agricultural products in Anambra State.
  3. Offer useful recommendation with a view of making the selling of agricultural product in Anambra State more successful and effective.
  4. Determine the effect of road network in the selling of agricultural product.
  5. Evaluate the primitive use of farm tools to produce staple crops in large quantities that can be transported to other parts of local government area.


         It is hoped that findings of this study will be of immense contribution to;

Academicians: This research work will help in providing adequate information and also stimulate them in carrying out further study in the area of common (i.e road network on the selling of Agricultural product).

Agricultural Sector: this research work will help to prepare this section for credit requirement.

Business Men: This research work will open the mind and eye of the businessmen to know the ways of dealing with agricultural products and need for business expansion.


  1. Can the road network be identified to those factors that are all directed and in directed related to the selling of agricultural product and to what extent can they be contributed to the rise and fall of the agricultural products?
  2. To what extent has road transport system affect selling of agricultural products in Anambra state?
  3. Can the road network often useful recommendation with a view to making the selling of agricultural products in Anambra State more successful?
  4. What are the effects of road network in the selling of agricultural product?
  5. Can they determine the primitive use of farm tools to produce staple crops in large awareness?


         The impact of road network in selling of agricultural products in Njikoka Anambra State is the center point of this research work, various literatures in the impact of road network in selling of agricultural products were reviewed using the questionnaire which were designed for the three towns each in three major food productivity areas of the Njikoka Anambra State were selected for the study.


Rail transportation; it always refers to the track (routes) which train passes.

Air transportation; This route includes domestic/national, intercontinental and international.

Road transportation;  A road is  way between two major places with a prepared surface which vehicles can use in transporting people, materials and goods.

Pipelines: These are used for the transportation of liquids such as crude oil, petrol, kerosene, diesel, water, liquefied coal and natural gas from point of supply to point of consumption.

Inland water transportation: this is the transportation that is carried out in land water ways such as rivers, lakes, Greeks, canals and lagoons,

Ocean transportation: the transportation is carried out in the trans-ocean route that naturally links continents to another.

Transship: This is the combination of water and rail mode of transportation. Trains move to the ship yard from where ship will transport them to the designation city. The goods will be off loaded and transport to the buyer station by train.

Fishy back: This is the combination of water transportation and tracks to convey goods from point of production to customers.

Air truck: this is the combination of air transportation and truck to the goods is trucked to the airports where airplanes would move them to the destination city. The goods will be trucked to the buyer’s station.

Piggy back: This is the process of using rail and truck in moving goods from point of production to final consumers. 

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