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    »                                              EFFECTS OF RECESSION ON YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT IN NIGERIA     CHAPTER ONE                                             INTRODUCTION 1.1:  Background of Study  The present economic recession being experienced in the country today was first experienced in 1974 (Professor Ango Abdullahi, 201...Continue Reading »

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    »                                           Abstract It is pertinent to say that the objective of this study is on the effect of recession on the price of consumable goods. Pricing and its increasing or decreasing is currently confronted not only by, the state of the economy, but also by importation, exportation and internet trade expansion. Information flow through internet net...Continue Reading »

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    »     CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1. Background of the study Every company operates within the internal and external environments of business.  The internal environments are within a firm such that the prevailing factors are most times very subject to the control of the managers.  The external environment has to do with the larger business environments in which a firm operates; and the factors t...Continue Reading »

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    »   ABSTRACT One of the simplest definitions of tax I have come across is one offered by the New Webster Dictionary of the English Language. It describes ‘tax’ simply as a charge imposed by governmental authority upon property, individuals or transactions to raise money for public purposes.  Tax is a compulsory extraction of money by a public authority for public purposes and Taxation is a sy...Continue Reading »

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  • 5. The Impact Of Monetary Policy On The Nigeria Economy
    »   ABSTRACT This study examines the impact of monetary policy on Nigerian economy using annual data from the period 1970 2009. The empirical findings starts by checking the stationary level of variables using the Augmented Dukey Fuller test. Also the stationary test was followed by the co integration test to test for long run relationship among the variables, which was followed by testing the shor...Continue Reading »

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  • 6. Determinant Of Savings In Nigeria
    »   ABSTRACT This study examines the determinant of savings in Nigeria, which will enable us to proffer solution for the improvement of savings in the economy, since it is an important component of the economic development of any country.  On the bases of available data, the study is of the view that savings output in Nigeria during the period was generally unsatisfactory and discovered that real ...Continue Reading »

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  • 7. Factors That Reduce Savings In Nigeria
    »   ABSTRACT This study investigates the core leading factors that reduces saving in Nigeria between 1980 2009, using ordinary least square(OLS) econometric framework, which will enable us proffer solution for the improvement of savings in the economy, which is also an important component for economic development in any country. Base on data collected, it is discovered that savings output in Niger...Continue Reading »

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  • 8. An Econometric Study Of The Relative Impact Of Monetary And Fiscal Policies On I...
    »   ABSTRACT   This work/study investigated the relative impact of monetary and fiscal policies on industrial output in Nigeria for the period 1979 – 2008. An exposition of monetary and fiscal policies in Nigeria for the period under study (1979 – 2008) showed that monetary policies as against fiscal policies have been more pronounced in the economy due to the fact that these class of polic...Continue Reading »

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  • 9. The Impact Of Exchange Rate, Variation On Balance Of Payment
    »   ABSTRACT This study, was carried out to ascertain the effect of exchange rate variation on balance of payment in Nigeria from (1979 – 2008) exchange rate and interest rate used as a proxy for the balance of payment in Nigeria. Policy makers and some researcher s argued on exchange rate variations having a significant factor. Some have found negative, positive, significant and insignificant re...Continue Reading »

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  • 10. Impact of Labour Market Crisis On Developing Economies; The Nigerian Experience
    »   ABSTRACT An active and functioning Labour market is important for economic stability and development. Hence, the importance of a stable labour market cannot be overemphasized. The Nigerian labour market has been experiencing a lot of crisis over the years, giving rise to distortions in economic activity. This study tries to investigate the impact of labour market crisis in developing economies ...Continue Reading »

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  • 11. The Effect Of Interest Rate Variation On Investment Decision In Nigeria
    »   ABSTRACT         Interest rate variation has actually posed a big threat to the trend of direct investment in all world economy. In the light of this, this study used OLS model, to study the relationship or impact of interest rate variation on investment in Nigeria from 1980 to 2008. The study employed a linear regression methodology. In this study, numerous theoretical and empirical li...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  104 engagements | 

  • 12. The Impact Of Foreign Investment On The Nigerian Economy
    »     ABSTRACT    This study examined the relationship between foreign private investment and economic growth in Nigeria over the period of 1980 – 2009. In doing so, we investigate the impact of foreign private investment on economic growth in Nigeria, as well as the causal relationship between them. We used an ordinary Least Square Regression (OLS), based on objective one, we found that fo...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  111 engagements | 

  • 13. Determinants Of Capacity Utilization In The Nigeria Manufacturing Industry
    »   ABSTRACT This research work explores the determinants of capacity utilization in the Nigerian manufacturing sector within the periods of 1980 to 2009. The data used for this study were obtained through various sources like the CBN statistical bulletin for the year ended 2008 and 2009, and also from the statement of accounts and annual report published by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The variab...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  91 engagements | 

  • 14. The Causes And Consequences Of Bank Failure On Nigerian Economy
    »   ABSTRACT  One may not be wrong to say that banks play a very crucial role in the development of any economy, and the distress or failure of these banks could result to underdevelopment. No bank in any nation is too big or too small to fail, but the only way these banks especially Nigerian banks can be insulated from distress or failure is by proper management by both internal and external auth...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  101 engagements | 

  • 15. The Impact Of Capital Market On Economic Growth Of Nigeria
    »   The Impact Of Capital Market On Economic Growth Of Nigeria  ABSTRACT Many efforts have been made towards understanding the relationship between capital market and the economic growth of Nigeria. The capital market of every economy is setup for the attainment of specific objectives which includes economic growth and stability, the contributions of the capital market towards the economic develo...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  69 engagements | 

  • 16. The Effect Of Bank Distress On Nigeria’s Economic Growth
    »     ABSTRACT                                                                 This study examines Bank Distress and its effect on the economic growth of Nigeria economy for the period of 1980 to 2009. Using the Classical Linear Regression Model the ordinary Least Square Method (OLS) of analysis was adopted for the analysis of the wo...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  63 engagements | 

  • 17. The Determinants Of Inflation In Nigeria
    »   ABSTRACT   Inflation is one of the macroeconomic problems facing many developing countries today and Nigeria is not exempted. Inspite of the use of monetary and fiscal policy measure. For controlling inflation in Nigeria, inflation still remain a serious and contentious problem in Nigeria. The major purpose of the study is to highlight the determinants of inflation in Nigeria and to check the ...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  71 engagements | 

  • 18. The Impact Of Exchange Rate Instability On Investment In Nigeria
    »   ABSTRACT This research work is centered on the effects of exchange rate instability on investment in Nigeria. With special emphasis on the purchasing power of average Nigerian and the level of international trade transaction. Without exchange rate, the exchange of goods and services among trading partners will be focused with a lot of problems, which may virtually narrow it down to trade by bar...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  73 engagements | 

  • 19. The Impact Of Inflation On Economic Growth In Nigeria
    »   ABSTRACT   The study seeks to present an empirical analysis of the impact of inflation on economic growth in Nigeria, using annual time series dataset for the period 1979 2008. It has been argued that inflation is an unavoidable phenomenon in the face of economic growth. That is why, over the years there had been a long standing conventional wisdom that inflation impedes economic growth. The s...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  76 engagements | 

  • 20. The Effect Of External Debt On The Nigeria Economy
    »     The Effect Of External Debt On The Nigeria Economy  ABSTRACT This study is meant to examine the effect of external debt on gross domestic product using econometric analysis. The research revealed that Nigeria’s external debt has contributed immensely to the gross domestic product.  This has affected investment on the domestic productivity and hence invariably affected the economic growt...Continue Reading »

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