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Law Project Topics & Research Materials | Final Year Research Project Topics With Free Chapter One

  • 1. Conflict Management In Africa: The Role Of The Civil Society 2

    » Conflict Management In Africa: The Role Of The Civil SocietyTable of ContentTitle Page Table of Contents CHAPTER ONEThe Concept of Conflict and Conflict ManagementCHAPTER TWOThe Phenomenon of Conflict in Africa CHAPTER THREECivil Society and Conflicts ManagementCHAPTER FOURConclusion BibliographyIntroductionConflict is the incompatibility of goals and values between two or more parties in a re...Continue Reading »

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  • 2. Widowhood Practice In Nigeria

    » Table of ContentTitle PageDedicationCertification AcknowledgementTable of ContentsTable of LegislationTable of CasesCHAPTER ONE 1.1 General Introduction CHAPTER TWO 2.0 Overview of Widowhood Practice in Nigeria2.1 South South Nigeria – Edo/Rivers States 2.2 South East Nigeria – Anambra/Imo States 2.3 South West Nigeria – Ondo State2.4 North Central Nigeria – Benue2.5 North West Niger...Continue Reading »

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  • 3. Critical Appraisal On Opinion Evidence

    » Abstract Generally, where a court is faced with the problem of determining a suit before it, such can only be solved after making an enquiry into the relevant facts of the evidence put before it by the parties, drawing inferences from those facts, and listening to arguments of parties to the case or of their counsel. Evidence is there from called as a means by which those facts can be proved.Evide...Continue Reading »

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  • 4. Women In Politics (a Review Of Common And Islamic Law Provision)

    » Issue of gender equality (men and women) are equal in all ranks, which also includes politics, which is aimed at women rather than men, these debates degenerate and disintegrate into discordant posturing, grandstanding, sweeping, generalizations and misrepresentation. I do not intend to throw my hat into the ring. I only wish to add my voiced to the discourse. Before women participation in politic...Continue Reading »

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  • 5. A Critical Overview Of The Consent Provisions Under The Land Use Act, 1978

    » .The Land Use Act as a single piece of legislation which came into force on 29th March, 1978 has generated more controversy than any piece of legislation of its kind. The sore point of this enactment is the consent requirement provided under the Act especially Sections 21 and 22 therein.Ever since the consent requirement of the Land Use Act made its first debut in our courts for interpretation in ...Continue Reading »

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  • 6. Roles Of Legislature In Impeachment Proceedings Under The 1999 Constitution

    » The aim of this study is to explore the roles of Legislature in impeachment proceeding under the 1999 constitution.The principal function of the Legislative arm of government is to legislate and make law for good governance in accordance with the provisions of the constitution. The Legislative power is vested in the National Assembly which consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives wh...Continue Reading »

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  • 7. Provocation As A Defence To Criminal Liability

    » Provocation on its own it not a total defense as to make the accused discharged of his guilt. It reduces murder to manslaughter. This essay considers the adequacy of this defense by examining it under the penal laws of Nigeria and different centers.The general requirement is that of the deceased must have been caused by accused upon provocation induced by the deceased himself and this must be offe...Continue Reading »

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  • 8. Justification For And The Abolition Of Capital Punishment Under Human Rights Law

    » The legal infliction of death as a penalty for violating criminal law has been in existence from time immemorial, people have been put to death for various forms of wrong doings and methods of execution have included crucifixion, stoning, drowning, burning at stake, impaling and beheading. Today capital punishment is typically accomplished by lethal gas or injection, electrocution, hanging or shoo...Continue Reading »

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  • 9. Do Judges Make Law (a Cursory Look At The Recurring Question)

    » It is common knowledge that the age long principle of Separation of powers allocates the governmental functions of law making, law implementation and law interpretation to the Legislative, Executive and Judicial arms of government respectively and each arm is to function independently without any unwarranted inter meddling.It is trite that the function of lawmaking for peaceful coexistence and ord...Continue Reading »

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  • 10. Applicability Of Natural Law Principles To The Law Of Negligence In Nigeria

    » The essence of creation of man in any environment is to interact, relate and have dealings with each other, in these relationships, certain level of moral standards is expected to be maintained which has necessitated the need for a guiding of conduct.Hence, the introduction of the law which is regarded as rules, and principles set out in order to streamline the activities of man with each other.Na...Continue Reading »

    Item Type: Project Material |  97 pages |  7,452 engagements | 

  • 11. An Appraisal Of International Crimes And The Operations Of The International Cri...

    » AbstractThe traditional focus of International Law has been upon the rights and obligations of states while International Criminal Law regulates the conduct of individuals and also punishes those who commit heinous and barbaric crimes against others. The most prevalent of these crimes include genocide, crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity.After the end of World War II, the ...Continue Reading »

    Item Type: Project Material |  120 pages |  7,382 engagements | 

  • 12. A Holistic Appraisal Of The Concept Of Trust Under The Nigerian Jurisprudence

    » Abstract According to some authors, the meaning of trust as a legal concept is traceable to the moral connotation of the term which eventually informed its jurisprudential basis. Literally, trust means confidence reposed in others. It was this moral obligation that was eventually developed into a legal concept by the English chancery court and it became part of the Nigerian legal jurisprudence thr...Continue Reading »

    Item Type: Project Material |  89 pages |  11,749 engagements | 

  • 13. A Critical Appraisal Of Election Laws In Nigeria

    » The electoral process is a total process that includes registration of voters, identifying the political parties to be voted for, voting, counting of votes, and declaration of election results. This process is the foundation of civil societies. A strong civil society is vital and needed to serve as the bedrock of a stable democracy. It represents the reservoir of resources political, economic, cul...Continue Reading »

    Item Type: Project Material |  95 pages |  9,937 engagements | 

  • 14. Critical Analysis Of Corroboration Under The Nigerian Law Of Evidence

    » Abstract There is no law that says the plaintiff or the prosecution must bring a million witnesses or evidence to court before he can succeed in his case. A court can convict on a single witness. A case is not decided by the numbers of witnesses, single credible convincing evidence is enough to convict in a case but there are some exceptions. The exceptions refer to by this learned mean the circum...Continue Reading »

    Item Type: Project Material |  101 pages |  12,697 engagements | 

  • 15. Analysis Of The Various Schools Of Thought In Relation To The Meaning Of Law

    » AbstractLaw can be defined as the body of rule designed or formulated to guide human actions or conducts which are enforced among the members of a given society, the breach of which attract sanctions.However, in spite of the ambiguity created in defining law and failure to reach universally acceptable definition of the term law. Therefore, it is most pertinent to examine the meaning of law from th...Continue Reading »

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  • 16. The Nigerian Copyright Commission And Administration Of Copyright In Nigeria (an...

    » Abstract Man over the years has metamorphosed both physically and in ideas. This progressive undeniable dynamism in human nature has made it quit vital that man must be creative and not just that, but also innovative to satisfy his ever increasing unsuitable wants, thereby prompting some legal installation to this effect. This piece of work is propelled toward examining the creative work of man vi...Continue Reading »

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    » EMPLOYER’S LIABILITY TO HIS EMPLOYEE UNDER THE NIGERIAN CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT FACULTY OF LAW ABSTRACT The laws which govern employment occupy a position of considerable importance in any modern society. This is so because of the tremendous contributions which workers can make to national growth and development, as well as the general well being of the nation’s citizenry. Labour law ha...Continue Reading »

    Item Type: Project Material |  90 pages |  18,980 engagements | 

  • 18. Examination of the laws and procedures for the regulation of trade disputes in N...

    » )  CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction to study Industrial harmony is very important both at the public and private sectors because of the negative impact of disputes in the labour sector. Trade dispute, when it occurs could be a very serious issue especially when it is allowed to degenerate into an industrial action. Few trade disputes get reported but the ones that are recorded help the government to ...Continue Reading »

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  • 19. The role of legislature in impeachment proceeding under the 1999 constitution of...

    » Faculty of Law CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the study The Constitution of Nigeria clearly ensures the separation of powers as an underlining principle of the Nigerian governmental system. Separation of powers allows typical division of branches of government  into a legislature, an executive, and a judiciary. It can be contrasted with the fusion or combination of powers like...Continue Reading »

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