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  • 21. Computerized Crime Tracking Information System

    »     (A case Study Of Nigeria Police)   ABSTRACT This project work intends to automate the existing criminal records of the Nigeria police using Enugu criminal investigating department. The essence was to produce durable criminal records and avoidable lost of criminal records. Structural database management system (DBMS) was used in its development in other to eliminate redundancy in the compil...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  392 engagements | 

  • 22. Computerized Transcript Management System

    »       (A Case Studycaritas University ABSTRACT This project is a computerized information management for transcript management which will help to over come the undesirable problem associated with misplacement of student records, student’s grades, slow and strenuous accessibility of student report and record, inaccurate record keeping and poor information management within the schools. Here th...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  -1 engagements | 

  • 23. Design And Implementation Of An Automated Inventory Control System For A Manu...

    »     Design And Implementation Of An Automated Inventory Control System For A Manufacturing Organisation (A Case Study Of Nigerian Breweries Plc, Enugu) ABSTRACT This research work is concise and generally summarizes the activities duly carried out in the design and implementation of an automated inventory control system for a manufacturing organization. The system is designed to efficiently hand...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  -1 engagements | 

  • 24. Design And Implementation Of An Electronic Patient Management System

    »   Design And Implementation Of An Electronic Patient Management System (A Case Study Of Shonahan Hospital, Nsukka Enugu)   ABSTRACT This project title is written to help hospitals especially SHONAHAN HOSPITAL, NSUKKA, Enugu in the areas they encounter problems in keeping their attendance scheme for patient and the solution given to tackle problem such as transforming the existing manual attendan...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  322 engagements | 

  • 25. Design And Implementation Of A Computerised Resturant Management Information Sys...

    »      (A case Study Jeveniks Resturant Enugu State ABSTRACT This project work is primarily designed to give an insight to computer based restaurant management information system. It is as a result of problem associated with the existing system which involves the use of manual method in keeping information in the system. So among the numerous problems associated with the existing system are; sta...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  320 engagements | 

  • 26. Design And Implementation Of Network Activity Monitoring system

    » DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF NETWORK ACTIVITY MONITORING SYSYTEM. (A CASE STUDY OF ANAMBRA STATE FEDRAL INLAND REVENUE SERVICES, F.I.R.S) CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Attacks on computer by outside intruder are more publicized but the ones perpetrated by insiders are very common and often more damaging. Insiders represent the greatest threat to computer security because they understand their organizat...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  3 engagements | 

  • 27. Design And Implementation Of Online Banking System

    »     (A Case Study Of May Fresh Savings And Loans Bank Caritas University, Enugu) ABSTRACT Several network systems are built to communicate with one another as well as made available through service oriented architectures. In this project, the client server architecture is used to develop a chat application. Firstly a chat application is created for both Client and Server which is based on Transm...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  3 engagements | 

  • 28. University Management Information System

    »       (A Case Study Of Caritas University Enugu) CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION In common with other public sector institutions, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are seeking to maintain the three „Es‟ of efficiency, effectiveness and economy, by adopting private sector managerial techniques. Business Process Re Engineering is currently been used as a change management strategy in a number of U...Continue Reading »

    65 pages |  -1 engagements | 

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