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Department of Purchasing & Supply | Final Year Project Topics

    »   CHAPTER I: Introduction 1.1            Background of the Study It is a fact in materials management that continuity in production or provision of services on constant flow of required inventory. However, the question confronting the materials management remain, how much shall be ordered when the quality available is less than required to meet production demand or the quantity is less...Continue Reading »

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  • 2. Impact Of Total Quality Management On Production Cost Of An Organization
    » (A Case Study of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc, Kaduna)       CHAPTER i: Introduction 1.1     Background of the Study Total quality management is known as the primary role of management to lead an organization in its daily operations and maintains it as a viable entity into the future. Quality has become an important factor in these. Although ostensibly always. an objective of business is cu...Continue Reading »

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