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  • 161. Impact of NTA Enugu television advertisement on the mental development of childr...

    » CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the StudyTelevision is incorporated within the child‟s experience as it becomes part of the child‟s inner world.In discussing about television and evolutional development of T.V, some one may wonder how television affects a child of ten to eighteen year. But it is apparent that the young child is dominated by this TV. Children learn to read pictures th...Continue Reading »

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  • 162. Role of communication technology in improving work efficiency of ait staff

    » ROLE OF COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY IN IMPROVING WORK EFFICIENCY OF AIT STAFF (A STUDY OF AIT ABUJA) The study role of communication technology was carried out to ascertain the role it plays to improving work efficiency of AIT staff. Newsroom yesterday and today are far flung difference when it is yesterday, was of traditional analogue method and today it spins around communication technology. Throug...Continue Reading »

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  • 163. Attitude of caritas female mass communication students towards journalism as a c...

    » CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the StudyJournalism is the collection, preparation and distribution of News and related commentary and feature materials through such media as pamphlet, News letter, magazines, radio, motion pictures, television, Bill Boards the internet and Books.Journalism according to World Book encyclopedia (Vol. 11) is the profession of recording events they maybe of ...Continue Reading »

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  • 164. Impact of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) commercials on consumer demand for...

    » Abstract This research work was aimed at finding the Impact of NTA Enugu Commercials onConsumers Demand for Malta Guinness. The researcher made use of the survey design togather necessary information. Copies of questionnaire were administered and retrieved fromthe respondent. The findings showed that NTA, Enugu commercials have impact onconsumers demand for Malta Guinness.Also commercials affect t...Continue Reading »

    58 pages |  311 engagements | 

  • 165. Impact of breath away programme cross river television programme as related to c...

    » CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION1.1. Background of the studyThis chapter gives us an introduction to the research „‟Impact of Breath away (CRBC TV) as related to children behavioral problems (A study of Yakurr Local Government Area).The mass media is the means of passing information through the use of various channels or media (television, radio, newspaper e.t.c.) to a large heterogeneous crowd. T...Continue Reading »

    42 pages |  298 engagements | 

  • 166. Impact of digitization of the broadcasting media in Nigeria

    » Abstract The purpose of embarking on this study was to provide a well detailed account on the impact of digitization of the Broadcasting Media in Nigeria. The study ascertained the level of media digitization in Nigerian Television Authority, Enugu (NTA) in this Era of ICT and internet operations. The researcher used survey research design to enable her determine the sample size which is 150 throu...Continue Reading »

    53 pages |  526 engagements | 

  • 167. Impact of freedom of information act on journalism practice a study of journalis...

    » Abstract This project on ― impact of Freedom of Information Act: A study of journalism practices in Uyo community – from January to June, is aimed at finding out how Freedom of Information Act impact positively on the life of practicing journalists in Uyo community.In carrying out the study the researcher used survey design method, while questionnaire was the instrument of the study. Simpl...Continue Reading »

    55 pages |  413 engagements | 

  • 168. Impact of information and communication technology (ict) on radio news reporting...

    » CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the StudyBroadcasting has been at the forefront of many technological changes, mostly in digitalization and enhancement of existing technology. For example, digital technology now permits listeners to obtain traffic information and news per se, while listening to a cassette, compact disc or radio station etc. (Church Akpan 2006).We are all living in a cha...Continue Reading »

    39 pages |  304 engagements | 

  • 169. Impact of social media on modern journalism

    » Abstract The aim of this study was to determine the impact of social media on modern journalism in Makurdi metropolis. To achieve this aim, the survey research method and chi square were used. Subjects were drawn from journalists in Makurdi metropolis in Benue State, using the purposive sampling technique. Three research questions and one alternative hypothesis guided the study.Research findings s...Continue Reading »

    67 pages |  424 engagements | 

  • 170. Impact of television advertising in promoting the sales of mtn products

    » Abstract This project examines the Impact of television advertising in promoting the sales of MTN products in Enugu metropolis. Survey research method was used for the study and purposive sampling technique was used to draw a sample size of 200 from residents in Enugu metropolis. Research findings showed that MTN adverts on television have greatly impacted in promoting sales of MTN products in Enu...Continue Reading »

    62 pages |  246 engagements | 

  • 171. Impact of salt fm radio on political mobilization of the people

    » Abstract This research work examined the impact of radio on political mobilization. Survey method was used for the study. Combinations of purposive and random sampling techniques were used to draw a sample of 100 respondents from five communities of Ezza North Local Government Area (Nkomoro, Inyere, Ogboji, Ekka and Amuda community). An 18 item questionnaire was used for data collection. Data were...Continue Reading »

    55 pages |  266 engagements | 

  • 172. Impact of social media on students academic performance

    » ABSTRACT The aim of the study was to analyze the impact of social media on the student’s academic performance [A study of students of University of Abuja]. To achieve this, the survey research method was used. Subjects were drawn from the University of Abuja, using the simple random sampling technique and purposive sampling. Four research questions guided the study. Research findings showed ...Continue Reading »

    67 pages |  419 engagements | 

  • 173. Influence of advertising messages on consumer patronage of ariel detergent

    » CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of study. The Nigerian electorate in recent years has been intensely individualistic groups. Hence political parties usually confront pro found cultural differences given the cultural structure of the Nigerian electorate. Independent Television Benin is an electronic media with visual and audio sounds. It is an effective spontaneous messages carrier of our t...Continue Reading »

    52 pages |  283 engagements | 

  • 174. Influence of advertising messages on caritas university undergraduates patronage...

    » Abstract The main purpose of this study is to find out the influence of advertising on Caritas University undergraduates´ patronage of Goodmorning cornflakes. The study adopted the survey research method using the questionnaire as its research instrument. Out of 100 copies of questionnaire distributed to the respondents who were undergraduate students of Caritas University, 100 copies were r...Continue Reading »

    59 pages |  259 engagements | 

  • 175. Impact of Nigerian Television Authority on social

    » Abstract This research was conducted with the aim to examine the impact of Nigerian Television Authority Enugu no the social development of rural community Emene, Enugu state. The study was based on uses and gratification theory.The population of the study was 250 out of which 200 were purposively selected and sampled. The researcher consulted relevant literature to raise secondary data while ques...Continue Reading »

    57 pages |  256 engagements | 

  • 176. Impact of top rank hotels profitability through advertising in N.T.A

    » CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the StudyThe impact of advertising for businesses and brands in the 21st century hasbecome imperatively permanent and therefore cannot be overemphasized.Advertising, it is generally believed, dates back as old as man himself,and thus has been present in his economic and socio political life before recordedcivilization began. Sapso (1975, p. 9) opined; &ldq...Continue Reading »

    58 pages |  257 engagements | 

  • 177. Impact of television advertising on etisalat market audience

    » Abstract The major thrust of this work is to arise the impact of television advertising on Etisalat market audience; a study of Owerri metropolis, Imo state (January – June 2013). This work is divided into five chapters, using the survey method a quantitative tool of data analysis. This work is aimed at solving the problem of how to communicate with different demography of audiences of the E...Continue Reading »

    59 pages |  251 engagements | 

  • 178. Influence of esbs radio on the economic EMPOWERMENT

    » Abstract This study is aimed at finding out hoe ESBS Radio has helped in the economic empowerment of Agbani community and to find out the possible ways to improve the economic standard of the dwellers of Agbani community. This study was based on uses and gratification theory. The researcher consulted relevant literature to raise secondary data while survey method was used to generate primary data ...Continue Reading »

    64 pages |  422 engagements | 

  • 179. Influence of community radio in agricultural development in enugu state

    » CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the StudyIn every society we find ourselves, the need for the rules to reach outimprove the standard of the ruled is imperative. The system must rely upon aregular two way flow of information between the government and the citizens ofthe country, we have seen subsequent administration, be it military or civiliancoming out with one programme or the other ai...Continue Reading »

    51 pages |  460 engagements | 

  • 180. Influence of second chance

    » CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the studyTechnological advancement in communication technologies has continued to eulogizetelevision as a powerful medium of mass communication. Interestingly, televisionprogramme span around the circuits of human endeavour including politics, culture andeducation. Udeajah (2004, p.7) affirm this when he notes that:We all know in truth broadcasting has bec...Continue Reading »

    46 pages |  410 engagements | 

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