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Department of Mass Communication | Final Year Project Topics

    »   CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION This work intends to assess the effect of news commercialization on news credibility in the broadcast media, with particular reference to Africa Independent Television and Nigerian Tribune using them as a case study. The study intends to find out whether the commercialization of news affects its credibility and objectivity and equally to know if it encourages the “Bro...Continue Reading »

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  • 2. Role of NTA Enugu in the campaign against HIV/AIDS in rural areas
    » Abstract Introduction 1.1. Background Of The StudyIt is said that health is wealth. The issues of health have overwhelmed our daily comments, since evolution of science. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a recent recognized disease throughout the world, which is caused by the infection of the Human, Immune Deficiency Virus, which attack select...Continue Reading »

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  • 3. Role of Anambra broadcasting service in the fight against cultism
    » Abstract The study finds out the role of Anambra broadcasting service Awka in the fight against cultism in Nnamdi Azikiwe University. It looks at the degree, causes and ways of curbing cultism as well as its implication on academic and other parts of life on the inhabitants in the campus. Survey method was used to gather some information that helped in putting this project in order which questionn...Continue Reading »

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  • 4. Role of public relationsin gender conflict resolution
    » Abstract This study “Role of Public Relations on Gender Conflict Resolution. (A Study of First Bank Nigeria Plc, Emene, Branch), seeks to study the term gender conflict, in addition to the importance and effective practice of Public Relations. It covers the important roles which a Public Relations practitioner performs on the Bank and also the Qualities of Public Relations practitioner. A cr...Continue Reading »

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  • 5. Role of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) in promoting gender equality
    » Abstract This study centers on finding out the Role of Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) in promoting gender equality. Using Akpugo community in Nkanu West Local Government Area Enugu State as a study area. The researcher used survey research method as the method of data collection. This is so because it is very appropriate in studying population like Akpugo community that is too large to be stud...Continue Reading »

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  • 6. Role of Nnannebuife age grade in promoting recent development in Nsugbe communit...
    » Abstract Rural development intervention in Nigeria has emphasized the role of government and their statutory agencies, in driving social and infrastructural development. This approach has led to the representation of rural communities as recipient rather than active movers of development. This project work investigated the dilemma of rural development in NsugbeAnambra East L.G.A of Anambra State a...Continue Reading »

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  • 7. Illusion and reality of press freedom in attaining a true democratic system of g...
    » Abstract This paper examines the illusion and reality of press freedom in attaining a true democratic system of government in Nigeria. Area of the study was Enugu metropolis which comprises of Enugu North and Enugu South, as area considered one of the nerve centres of intense political activities in Nigeria. Data were collected through questionnaire.Survey method was used for this work. Findings s...Continue Reading »

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  • 8. Evaluation of the effectiveness of radio advertisements of family planning progr...
    » Abstract This research work is aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the radio advertisements on family planning programmes bearing in mind the impact of family planning advertisement on the radio audience. The research method used was survey method and questionnaire being the instrument.The findings got from the questionnaire shows that the people of Enugu metropolis now know where to go and g...Continue Reading »

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  • 9. Audience perception of the punch newspaper cartoons
    » Abstract Cartoons have more recently become a prominent feature in newspapers. An increasing number of publishers and editors have realised its relevance and are beginning to exploit its full potentials. Despite its usefulness and popularity which is assuming a viral dimension in many media houses, one wonders, as replete and common place as these cartoons are in newspapers, do they command the at...Continue Reading »

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  • 10. Analysis comparative of the performance of journalists in government and private...
    » ABSTRACT This research work is aimed at finding the journalist that is freer between those in private and government owned media organizations, using Ray power and FRCN Enugu as a focus, to achieve maximum and accurate findings. The researcher made use of survey design.To gather necessary information, copies of questionnaire were administered and retrieved from the respondents who were randomly se...Continue Reading »

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  • 11. Impact of mobile phone on agricultural information among otukpo farmers
    » Abstract The study “The Impact of mobile phone on Agricultural Information among Otukpo Farmers”. A study of Agric information dissemination among Otukpo farmer, Otukpo Local Government Area. Using a survey of five villages in Otukpo town, Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State, the researcher found that Otukpo farmers has adopted the impact of mobile phones in getting agric infor...Continue Reading »

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  • 12. Impact of gulder advertisement on the social behavior of students
    » CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the StudyThe Nigeria marketing environment today is one of aggressive and unfriendly competition among both manufacturers and service providers. Most companies adopt various marketing strategies in order to maintain or increase profit margin, market shares or sales volume of their products or services. In this effort, quite a fortune is spent on advertisin...Continue Reading »

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  • 13. Perception of cybercrime among Nigerian youths
    » Abstract The aim of this study was to examine the perception of cybercrime among Nigerian youths using Caritas University as a study. In this research study, we found out people’s reaction to messages depends mainly on how it is perceived. To achieve the aim o the study, literature was reviewed. Survey research method was used in which questionnaire, the major instrument, was distributed to ...Continue Reading »

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  • 14. Impact of NTA Enugu television advertisement on the mental development of childr...
    » CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the StudyTelevision is incorporated within the child‟s experience as it becomes part of the child‟s inner world.In discussing about television and evolutional development of T.V, some one may wonder how television affects a child of ten to eighteen year. But it is apparent that the young child is dominated by this TV. Children learn to read pictures th...Continue Reading »

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  • 15. Role of communication technology in improving work efficiency of ait staff
    » ROLE OF COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY IN IMPROVING WORK EFFICIENCY OF AIT STAFF (A STUDY OF AIT ABUJA) The study role of communication technology was carried out to ascertain the role it plays to improving work efficiency of AIT staff. Newsroom yesterday and today are far flung difference when it is yesterday, was of traditional analogue method and today it spins around communication technology. Throug...Continue Reading »

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  • 16. Attitude of caritas female mass communication students towards journalism as a c...
    » CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the StudyJournalism is the collection, preparation and distribution of News and related commentary and feature materials through such media as pamphlet, News letter, magazines, radio, motion pictures, television, Bill Boards the internet and Books.Journalism according to World Book encyclopedia (Vol. 11) is the profession of recording events they maybe of ...Continue Reading »

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  • 17. Impact of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) commercials on consumer demand for...
    » Abstract This research work was aimed at finding the Impact of NTA Enugu Commercials onConsumers Demand for Malta Guinness. The researcher made use of the survey design togather necessary information. Copies of questionnaire were administered and retrieved fromthe respondent. The findings showed that NTA, Enugu commercials have impact onconsumers demand for Malta Guinness.Also commercials affect t...Continue Reading »

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  • 18. Impact of breath away programme cross river television programme as related to c...
    » CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION1.1. Background of the studyThis chapter gives us an introduction to the research „‟Impact of Breath away (CRBC TV) as related to children behavioral problems (A study of Yakurr Local Government Area).The mass media is the means of passing information through the use of various channels or media (television, radio, newspaper e.t.c.) to a large heterogeneous crowd. T...Continue Reading »

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  • 19. Impact of digitization of the broadcasting media in Nigeria
    » Abstract The purpose of embarking on this study was to provide a well detailed account on the impact of digitization of the Broadcasting Media in Nigeria. The study ascertained the level of media digitization in Nigerian Television Authority, Enugu (NTA) in this Era of ICT and internet operations. The researcher used survey research design to enable her determine the sample size which is 150 throu...Continue Reading »

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  • 20. Impact of freedom of information act on journalism practice a study of journalis...
    » Abstract This project on ― impact of Freedom of Information Act: A study of journalism practices in Uyo community – from January to June, is aimed at finding out how Freedom of Information Act impact positively on the life of practicing journalists in Uyo community.In carrying out the study the researcher used survey design method, while questionnaire was the instrument of the study. Simpl...Continue Reading »

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